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A Must read for ALL G Turbo Esprit Owners

Roger 912

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I have been battling with fuel pump noise and fuel starvation at high load and even after replacing the pump and filter, the problem still remained.

Today I have just returned from my friendly garage man, where I used his hoist. When we disconnected the fuel inlet pipe into the high pressure pump, the fuel running out of the pipe from the bottom of the left hand tank could only be described as a dribble.

Removing the filler cap, we blasted his airline up the pipe into the tank. Wow. The flow was suddenly what it should have been, gushing out. My shirt and trousers got soaked.

Connecting the fuel line back to the pump and switching on the ignition, the pump noise was only just audible instead of the horrendous noise of before as the pump was cavitating, trying to suck out more fuel than the delivery point could give.

I can only think that there is either a filter in the bottom of the tank that was blocked or there was crud blocking up the banjo connection.

What a difference in top end performance.

I can now enter the EFI Red one into a hillclimb at the end of the month.

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Thanks for your input and I guess after 25 years, rust in the tank is understandable.

I have two or three options open to me. One is to do the job properly and remove the tanks.

The second option is to remove the feeds and try and flush out as much of the rust as possible.

The third option would be to swap the outlet from the tank across to the overflow pipe from the pressure regulator, thus now feeding from the right hand tank.

I think I shall go with option 2 first and another trick which I do to prolong exhaust life on my other cars is to add a very small amount of 2 stroke oil to the fuel which never gets burnt, but coats the inside of the exhaust with oil. Hopefully, the oil will also prevent further rust in the fuel tank. I do not know whether vegetable oils do the same, but I used to chuck Castrol R into my Lotus 7s just for the wonderful smell.

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