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Fuel tank foam pads?

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So now i have new tanks and i POR 15 them last night just for some added future proofing. (Getting the hang of PO15 now)!!

What were the foam pad designed for, was it just noise reduction and also an added cushion for the tanks? I need to renew mine so whats the best thing to use. I was thinking some sort of Neoprene? Once this is done i can make up a new cross over pipe and attach the unions with some rubber fuel hose.

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That's been discussed a few times before. Just make sure you use closed cell foam.

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Have never seen the posts for this discussion before, what was the general outcome and veiws on this foam and its actual use.....As I removed mine from the tops when the tanks where sealed and painted also at the same time covered the wood panels with sheet stainless steel not only for looks but in the even of a fire I feel the wood and foam would add to the carnage!

Regards danny


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Also if its mearly for the tanks to sit on then maybe rubber pads would be better? Would ideally like to get the tanks back in the car at the weekend so need to get something by then if i can.

Bibs you say closed cell foam is this because its doesnt soak up the water?

I see the fuel tanks sit on a shelf when fitted back in the car so also would it be better to just line the shelf with foam and not the whole of the underneath of the tank?

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The factory foam, once damp which it will get at some stage, promotes the rust. I replaced mine with a rubber door map. Sounds strange but the type that is open woven. Looks like tangled fishing line or another type that's like open flower buds. If any water does get in it can dry out quickly and easily. Took one of my tanks out a few years later to check the bottom. The paint etc was as good as when I originally put them in.

Go and see what your local hardware has. If it's not as thick as the original foam just cut and glue two pieces back to back with the open side supporting the tanks.

Oh and trim it to suit the support ledge and not the full tank bottom.

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