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Whats a 2.2 engine worth

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Okay so i am still thinking along the lines of an engine conversion.

How much would my 2.2 engine be worth. Complete engine including carbs. Engine has not been run for 17 years so i do not know the condition. Gearbox not included.

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An engine that hasn't run for 17 years is an oily and large paperweight, all the components are entirely unknown as to their usefulness. I'm sure someone may be willing to take a risk for a couple of hundred quid but don't expect to retire early off the back of the sale.

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I wouldn't even think of trying to get it running - I'd just break it down for spares.

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Sell the carbs seperate, cylinder head seperate etc, some people will be looking for a second hand set of carbs to rebuild for another esprit or another car, the cylinder head some one may buy to port etc for there car.

As said by all above they are not worth much as I have recently seen good running engines for


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I would spray it with oil and keep it. it makes the engine conversion reversible (assuming it is matching numbers for the car). You could probably flog the carbs & head, as the ability to go original remains

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Not thought about keeping it as once its done its done and i wouldnt plan on putting it back but then i guess iof ever sold it may interest someone more. Been looking at a few engines now and hopeully come up with the one i want to use for a conversion. Its from our german friends and i have my mate doing some CAD modeling to get some ideas. Will be using the standard gearbox for now. The new engine is turbo charged and once in and running it will be removed again and played with!!

Sorry no more clues on the engine untill its hanging on the hoist over the engine bay. May be a while yet though. Prob looking after christmas to make a proper start. I am keeping my eyes peeled on ebay tho for a cheap knackered engine to use for installation design only.

So what are a set of carbs worth? Obviously dont know condition but have been stored in the garage for 17 years!! Not on the car to the elements.




Price roughly?

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Awww, hoped you would keep the engine original, in type at least.

Don't fancy just putting in the best Lotus engine you can lay your hands on?

If so, your engine could be a wealth of spares for you (or others)

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Sorry i think this car deserves huge ammounts more power and to make it that bit more of a chalenge i want something else under the hood. Will keep everyone updated.


My engine is NA not turbo.

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Sorry i think this car deserves huge ammounts more power and to make it that bit more of a chalenge i want something else under the hood. Will keep everyone updated.

I personally think you have got enough of a challenge getting a car that has stood for 17 years going without all the added work of putting in a different drive train.

An engine swap is A LOT OF WORK to get it going even half right, trust me.

As someone who has been down this route, I would recommend that you work on the bits to get the car roadworthy, just take a quick looky at the engine you have to try and get it running (cam belt etc, don't spend big money on it) and get it MOTed.

You can then iron out all the inevitable bits generated by standing for 17 years and then you will have a better idea of where you want to go with the car re- "huge amounts more power" as this will require mods to brakes, cooling, suspension, exhaust, engine control etc.


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I know what you mean but since i am rebuilding everything befor it comes on the road i thought that it may be better just to go for it whole hog. Dont really want to put the engine back in and then take it out again. Especially after the car is all painted. The day i actually get to drive it i want to leave it that way. Im sure i will find things to do after but least it will be completed.

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