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How close is your nearest Track?

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Just interested to find out how far people travel to their nearest Race Circuit for useing or spectating. Do you kind of take it for granted if you have a Track just 10 miles away?

Personally, I wish I lived closer to one. I have Castle Combe and Thruxton closest to me, but both still a round trip of over 200 miles. Usially visit each of those tracks 2-3 times per season but kind of feel if they were on the doorstep, I would be there alot more often.

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Hi Ian :question: Rockingham is nearest to me at 1.7 miles away. Unfortunately they have very few meetings there. Its run more as a corporate facility.

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Goodwood is about 20-25 minutes from us. Only ever go there for stuff like Breakfast Club and other such gatherings.

Hardly ever (nope, virtually never) actually go on track these days - got bored of it. I couldn't even be bothered to do the 'Display' laps at Hethel the other week and went and got a cuppa instead...

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I think I'm one of the lucky ones. Donington, Oulton Park, Mallory are all about 40 mins away. Darley Moor is even closer.

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Nürburgring - Nordschleife: 65 km

Hockenheimring: 220 km

Spa Francorchamps: 125 km I feel lucky? :question:

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Brands is 9 miles or 7 early morning minutes away.

Not only do I marshal there as you know, but I'll often pop in if I'm out to see what's going around the track. Love it there, best track in the world! :question:

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Silverstone is my local track.

Its about 20 miles away.

Unfortunately, as of yet, I haven't driven my esprit anywhere! I have however, driven my Mitsubishi Legnum around the full international circuit at Silverstone and loved every minute of it.

I am only an infrequent visitor to the circuit having made only 4 visits in the last year.


It's getting there......

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Not strictly a circuit but Shelsley Walsh is 11 miles from us. Oldest motor racing venue in the world, and as yet the H&S wombles have left it alone, no high fences etc. We love it and go to as many meets there as possible, especially the Paul Matty Lotus hill climb champs rounds. Best moment this year was seeing a SWB works Audi Quattro going up the hill full pelt.

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I don't know....managed an indicated 155 on it in 1988.....

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131 kms one way to the only track in Western Australia. Barbagallo Raceway. Nothing like the tracks you guys have overseas.

I've driven round a lot of the ones you guys mention, but only on my PS2. :)

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We're not well catered for in the West. For me....

1.5 hours to Castle Combe

2.5 hours to Llandow

...but I did have a really good time watching at the Wiscombe Park Hill Climb just south of Honiton. Will try to get back there at least once next season.

Maybe a SWEG event??

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I've got the Paul Ricard track at La Castellet about 25 minutes from me at the moment. Not managed to get around it yet, but hopefully that will change very soon :)

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donny 7-8 miles ish, but never go. not track person really unless a show is on. (always better on tv if you ask me LOL, but saying that i suppose you can see alot of the circuit at donny not just a straight and a corner)


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I guess Mallory is the nearest Public track to me though about 10 mins away is the 'secret' old Airfield at Hatton where Prodrive have their test track and were going to build their F1 factory a couple of years ago...........Got a Red Letter day Fezza 360 Modena day there soon!

Gotta agree though Bibs - Brands is my favourite. Memories of trying to sneak into areas I shouldn't at 80's GP's!

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