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wil the 89-92 model seats fit into the 1993 model

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does anyone know the 89-92 seats can fit into the 1993 model?

I prefer the old seat design more than the new design.

and anyone knows where I can buy the 89-92 seats? thx!


I would say yes to the 1st question.

I know of a G car owner who had fitted the V8 seats in his car.

I also know of early SE seats being fitted in to a G car so they must be interchangeable.

The SE seats hold a thing person a bit better around the turns. I always felt like I was sliding around in the newer seat.

As far as finding the early SE seats, put forth a post on various forums proposing a trade with an early SE owner. You might find a larger individual willing to trade seats as they do not fit into the early SE seats as well as the later model seats if they are not of the thinner stature. Hope you can find the right color seats.

Good Luck,


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Before you change the seats have a look at my post number #18244.

Don't know if others have this problem but I used to get a bad ache in the lumbar regions after about hour of driving. Also no under thigh support. Those later seats need two modifications which my post details.

Not too hard to strip the covers off or take it first to an upholsterer and then have the brackets welded on and plates fitted.

For me now, these modified S4 seats are amongst the most comfortable I've sat in, short of a tailored race seat. And can stay there all day long. Hold me well on the corners too. I'm average build, 175cms and 74kg.

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tested today...

the new seat actually fits me better...

and the actual seat/actual car is much better looking than in the photo..

:P so I am making the purchase.. <_<

**but THX all for the comments and informations. this enriches my knowledge of the Esprit.

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