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The lost Spanish Esprits


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Whilst returning home form a good lunch overlooking the sea here in Mallorca I noticed a white Citroen following me. This continued for a couple of miles or so, and through the city centre of Palma. I parked on the street and went to the ticket machine. When I came back the Citroen was parked behind me with it's hazard lights flashing. Oh, I thought, just someone gawping at the car. I see the man get out of his car, come over and ask my girlfriend ( in spanish ) where we were from. As he has a V8 Esprit as well, and there was only one on the Island ( now 2 ), and 4 in the whole of Spain. So we talk for a little while via my better half. The man asked if it was ok to sit inside my car, of course it is, so he has a look in the cockpit, the engine bay, runs his hands over the paintwork. Comments on my front brake discs not being lotus ones. Then he invites us to go see his car. Why not I thought, he spotted the brakes. So we follow him for about 15 mins out of the city and down towards the airport. Myself and the girlfrined had the conversation about the colour, she went for black, and I plummed for racing green. So we pull up at his garage. He opens this up and sitting there is a glowing example of a norfolk mustard yellow Esprit V8. The paint was non metallic, and incidentally felt a lot smoother and altogether more rich finish than with mine. Anyhow this car was in perfect condition. Every part of the hide interior was in perfect condition, still smelled like new. Not a blemish or scrach on the bodywork.

Talking to him about the car, and car clubs in general, it became clear that he was not aware of the forum here, or any of the other online information. So I duely passed all of this information onto him.

Also found out that he sends the car to Madrid every year fro the servicing on the back of a tow truck.

Apparently he bought the car from a friend of his in Edinborough, with his own Esprit, who comes down to palma on vacation at least once a year, is this anyone here on this forum.

Sorry to ramble on so much, but it really re-inforced to me that the people who buy these cars, and keep them for any amount of time, do so because they love them unconditionally and completely.

So have arranged to go for a drive one afternoon and show some solidarity for the lotus clan here on the small island of Mallorca.

If anyone on this list, is here on holiday and feels withdrawl symptoms then all they need do is drop me a line and I can now muster up 100% of the Esprit population on Mallorca, the grand total of 2 cars for a blast around the island.


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Nice story, and good to know you have a new friend, lets hope he come on here.


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