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Big Brake option

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If any of you are considering this option, I can wholely recommend it. Began by braking at least 50 metres before I had to!

Absolutely no fade or problems at all.


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After my first run with my car, that was one of the questions that I posed to Nick Adams. I don 't mean to challenge you on this as I was of the same belief that there can never be enough brake. Nick's comments, however, is that the bigger brake option is really not needed unless you have slicks (and you better then have a dry sump lube system), are even a far better driver than you even think you are, or you are just interested in just the "bling" of the thing, in which case Lotus is glad to oblige and take your money. Obviously the bigger brakes adds to your unsprung weight which will negatively affect grip and handling (the reason Nick probably recommends only for slick shod cars). I guess until you run your car until the rotors turn red, the stock brake system will more than suffice. Fortunately the newer cars have braded brake lines which can make a huge difference, as well as, the frequent change of quality high temp brake fluid.


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Hi Bill,

Always good to hear from the colonies ;) .

Have had my 2-11 for about a year now and ran with the standard set up for about half that time. I totally agree for road work (I know you can't drive yours on the road) and for occassional trackdays and for those oval circuits you guys seem so fond of :( , the standard brakes are more than adequate, especiaclly as UK cars come with braided brake hoses and higher spec brake fluid with higher boiling point as standard.

However I intend to run in the LoT Championship next year and have heard from several drivers that on circuits which are hard on brakes that they where experience brake fade towards the end of the race. Hence why I had them fitted and I have to say the difference in braking performance is amazing.

Also the AP 4 pot "Big Brake" system is a 2 piece design with separate aluminium bell housing which I believe is lighter in fact than the standard one piece cast system. The also come with the option of grooved as opposed to drilled brake disks which I personally prefer, having had problems with cracking, albeit on mach heaver cars. In any case the difference in unsprung weight is mimimal and I can report has had no adverse affect on the handling.


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Grooved is way better than drilled (IMO) - If you want to go one step further then grooved and dimpled I think give the best brake performance.

I've no idea of the current 211 braking setup but the other options would be to look at improving the cooling airflow over the brakes or trying a different compound pads. The Pagid RS15's are great but like any proper pad work best at operating temperature (I'd switch to something like RS14's in wet conditions). They will wear the disc much quicker as they have a high ceramic content but I personally rate them highly. I've never had them fade on extended track outings with a standard brake setup running 200+bhp on an s2 elise

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For those using the big brake kit, did you put on all four wheels? Is this kit the same as this ?



Hello Matt,

I have the LS kit on the front only and that is all you need.

The Sector AP kits are not the same as the LS AP kits.

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My car will be heading in for it's first service after this weekend. One of the things that will be done is a Cryo treatment for the rotors. the idea s to extend the life of the rotors through the treatment. The cost for all four is around 250 U.S.

Will let anyone interested know how it works out and if any noticeable difference afterwards. For those doing serious track time it may be a worthwhile consideration.

I have asked the dealer to get me a write up on the process. I will post it here when I get it.


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