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The wing doesn't meet the sharp edge radius requirement for the SVA test so it can't be fitted to an SVA car by Lotus. That being said, I doubt if the wings fitted to a huge number of 'boy racer' cars meet the requirements either so it would be a very, very sharp BiB who'd pull you up for it. If I were you, I'd fit it and you'll most probably be fine but please be aware that you 'may' get tugged for it however in practise it's very unlikely.

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As long as you inform the insurance company it won't invalidate your insurance.

I've had both the rear wing and front spoiler from the track pack fitted. However can't say I've noticed any real change in the down force (The wing is �1750 and the front spolier �300 I think).

But at the end of the day if does make the car look much better and in keeping with the image (see my pics on here and make up your own mind)

I always thought the rear wing from the Exige made the car look a bit whimpy but that's a personal opinion


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The Reverie wing is pure Gucci and very different in profile to the one supplied by the factory (which I know first hand is a serious motorsport low drag wing). Thats why you did'nt notice any difference in performance. The bigger front splitter is a purely to slow you down in a straightline due to its very clever mounting system horse.gif

But then like you chaps said it does look allot better than the standard rear wing and no mistake.

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I have the Lotus race wsing as well as the road legal one. With the race wing, I find I can noticably change the balance (and the top speed) by changing the angle. Being an animal on thre controls, I prefer the greater rear grip provided by more downforce. Of course, being an SVA vehicle, I never use the race wing on the road :thumbsup: It is held on to the uprights by 4 allen bolts with nyloc nuts, so a matter of a few moments to change angle or swap wings entirely.

The front splitter is, of course, more difficult to change but does add more downforce also. Didn't stop me losing the back end in the wet though so maybe I need an elephant to sit on the back end!

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