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Looks great. I understand Jo is having some problems with her Tonneau cover - well actually the aeroscreen being too high (meaning she has to look through it). How is it for you?

Guess it means you can only give PAX rides to dwarfs now ;)

Saving up for a sequential gearbox
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Thanks Del, screen is fine if you over 5ft 8. In fact you can now drive at 100 mph without wearing a helmet!

If I feel generous it's not too difficult to remove and refit the seat.


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hi pgn 34O ..the screen you speaking about is not the one whois only 25 mm higher i suppose....what is exctlay the size of yours bce I would like to keep the passenger seat and I m wondering about modifying my screen...I m 181 cm...and would like to enjoy my car... alittle bit more



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Thaks pgr 34O the problem is that I really do not knowif the extra 2,5 cm will really sort the problem....It is a little bit pricy if useless ;-))

I think I ll make a try by putting a 2,5cm extension in some materials ...

Have a nice day


Here Under a mail I posted yesterday on

....."On top with the Ariel you have a kind of “resonance” with the air intake making your ear drum vibrate….the same feeling like having a bee in your ear under the helmet ;-))

No joking that was my “crazy feeling”….I decided not to buy the Atom and went for the 2-11 …

Pls no misunderstanding I really think it is a fantastic car but are trying to fix this “annoyance” in order to really appreciate the car…

I really like to feel a car and not only to rely in the instruments…strange feeling…

This we I m adding some Lexan to my screen (the car’s one)

Plus I did install

have a look here

plus I made a kind of Rumble Strips out of some neoprene and sticked it to my helmet…like these

A friend of mine racing INDY Formulas in the USA gave me the former days they just sticked some foam strips on the helmet and that helped a lot…

I have to admit that the Windjammer + the sticked on neoprene strip helped a lot, but still trying to improve wit the Lexan (polycarbonate) extension…



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You are right it won't cure the problem. Don't believe there is a fix as such. Think of is as part of the character of the car and resign yourself to having to wear a helmet on all but the shortest trips.

Now that I have had the car for the best part of 9 months, I have stopped noticing it to be honest.


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