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tow eye kit

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When I spoke to Nick Adams at the FOS he told me they could be retrofitted. But again when I spoke to the dealership who in turn spoke to Lotus Sport - confusion reigned again.

Just like the carbon fibre parts - shown in the brochiure but they have not ever manufactuted a single item yet but if you want the total kit they say maybe

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It seeems that the brochure may have been a bit premature - I was also interested in the Anderson plug connector (to jump start the car) as I have already suffered a discharged battery (I foolishly left a 12v adaptor plugged into the 12v power socket for 2 days, in the mistaken belief that the external cut-off switch isolated all the electrics). Fortunately, there was enough power in the battery to power the ignition and pumps but not enough to turn the engine over, so a push start got me out of trouble!

I think I might be avoiding the carbon fibre upgrade - I could reduce the all-up weight of the car+driver more by going on a diet!

Saving up for a sequential gearbox
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It is a totally custom made design that is not compatible with other Elise?Exige derivatives.

Doesn't the front hook have the same screw thread like the MK2 Elise/Exige?

I thought I could use my "old" S111 tow stuff on the 2-11:

Folding Front Tow Hook

Boomerang Tow Hook

Can someone confirm this for me : Do I need the official recovery eyes from lotus?


I just saw that the "Front and Rear Recovery Eyes" package includes the brackets for the mounting point and a modified grill. Yes, I need the package .. but can I use the stronger front tow hook with the package?. :D

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Your car should already have it -- you've got a front tow hook, hence you have the receiver into which it fits.

What you need to do is lose the under-diffuser tow hook for this ..... cheers.gif

post-7947-097248500 1284490089.jpg

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I know this is a old thread but forgot about it till now. I had my MY10 2-11 in to have the "motorsport" towing eye fitted to the front of the car as it was spec'd at purchase but didn't get done for some reason. Although my car has a front towing eye post the kit had extra plates to add strength and hopefully prevent the post being torn out of the crash structure as well as the large FIA towing eye. It was still a clam off job to fit and you can't see any of the added steel work once in place.

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My car came with neither the front hook or front hook attachment point, or anything at the rear.

As such I purchased the Lotus tow hook kit which I now have but absolutely no idea how the rear hook connects. The rear kit consists of two un-equal length bars and a hook and a bag of bolts, nuts and plastic insert screws.

As with the other 2-11 bits I have purchased the kit came sans installation instructions of any kind.

Has anyone installed the Lotus rear tow hook kit and if so could they be kind enough to show me how the unit is to be installed?

I spent a little bit of time last night looking at the rear of the car trying to visualize how it might go together but it goes beyond my feeble imagination as to how it works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As for the front, looks like the front clam has to come off, yes?, or will removing the underteray gain me access to the front mounting location.

Again, thanks for any help offered.

Al B.

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the rear tow eye just bolts onto the 2 main bolts that hold the undertray on they are 13mm head bolts or 1/2" if your havn't bought yourself a metric tool kit yet.

the front one is a clam off job, sorry



you can just see mine here.

PS oh how i wish it still looked as shiney as it does in this photo.

Here for a good time, not a long time

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Thanks for the info. Metric is no problem, I've been working on Brit and other foreighn cars since the 70's. I even have a set of BS wrenches. Are you familiar with those?

Out of curiosity, if the asssembly is only attached at the two main belly pan bolts, what keeps the thing from vibrating against the undertray? Is there no other attachment to the tray at the hook end to keep it from slapping against the bottom of the tray?

Are there any spacers at the bolt ends to allow for the nut and bolt and overlap of the two bars which make up the assembly?

If it's not to much trouble, could you snap a photo fom the bottom, showing the attachment points. A close up would be most helpful.


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