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Went to Goodwood yesterday, on a hot sticky day. Superb day btw - what a fantastic track! Seriously quick - seeing 125mph+ into Woodcote, 110mph+ into Madgwick, entering Fordwater at 110mph carrying 115/120mph into St Marys.

Kept anti roll bar at stiffest setting, ran the dampers at 6 clicks from stiffest front, and 8 rear. Tyres at 1.5 front, 1.65 rear.

Running at c.1.34 laps, first time at Goodwood so convinced can go quicker next time. Set up felt good - not one moment when I thought the car might move - spent most of my time reeling in and lapping other cars :D

Had an experienced track day driver in car with me for the afternoon, once I'd found my way round the track. His first time in a 2-11 and he couldn't believe the speed at which I could enter corners, and how absolutely stable the car felt all the way through the corner. At times to begin with he remarked that he thought I'd overcooked entries, only to be astonished every time by our exit speed.

The car won many new fans through the day - I overheard two guys saying whatever else they don't manage in life, getting a 2-11 was a must do.

Highly recommend the track - if you haven't been yet get down there!

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Call me picky but I like a car to go where I point it! Can't bear understeer. If I turn in on a line that's where I want to be - then it's down to me if it all goes tits up, not the car :P

Not that I'm demanding you understand ;)

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The Lotus 2-11 speedo is very optimistic. My speedo (in km/hr) reads about 205+ kph along the front straight of my local track, but I also have a GPS Racelogic device, which I believe is very accurate , indicates 187 kph!! ;)


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erm.....I was simply trying to highlight to the uk guys that Goodwood is a fast track......Often on uk tracks there is only one straight where you can really get going, a s opposed to three areas here.I am well acquainted with optimistic speedos, and it's not only a Lotus issue.

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