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Fuel starvation issue

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Dual fuel pumps I think would be an overkill.

I've had a dig about the FIA Bag tank and that only has a single fuel pump (I had originally assumed it had two based on other tanks I've seen). Adding a second fuel pump would reduce the capacity of the tank and add extra wiring etc.

Pro-alloy makes the tanks for the FIA bag units and the main part that gives them the anti surge facility is the clever but simple one way ball valves.

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I think issues on turn 2 at laguna with 1/3 tank isn't too bad.

It's a very long straight so lots of full power before that and it does bend to the left along pretty much the whole length of the straight. Throw in the downhill approach and the hard braking for turn 2 then I wouldn't be surprised if the fuel in the pump area was a bit low.

If you had an indicated 1/3 tank then chances are it was less than that with all the fuel sloshing about and I know the guys at pro-alloy said the only down side to the revised tank is that on track the fuel gauge will tend to overread.

With the pro alloy tank you have fitted does it knock about? I heard that this was one complaint that it didn't quite fit and would bang about.

It is kind of warrying if an 09 car is suffering though.

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You're certainly right that Turn 2 at Laguna is a special situation where high G-loading will particularly predispose the car to fuel starvation. Rather than having my gauge overstate the fuel level I've been periodically having the opposite problem, where it reads that the tank is empty when actually full. This appears to be an issue with the level sensor getting "stuck" somewhere in the tank - annoying. but not fatal if you keep an eye on mileage since refueling. I don't have any impression of the tank being loose and knocking about. But I know that Eric Gautier who installed the tank for me devised a couple of replacements for the two polystyrene isolation pads on the existing tank from 200 mm thick impact isolation foam which may be contributing to the Pro Alloy tank fitting snuggly.


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