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Fitting Aero Pack

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Ding to Paul's post (forum first - I agree with Paul!).

I have fitted the track aero pack to my 2-11 - didn't take long at all and well worth it for track use.

Four point harness is adequate, just make sure the bottom two straps are done up tight enough to stop the buckle riding up too high (always a problem for those of us of larger girth)

Saving up for a sequential gearbox
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Does anyone know how much Lotus charge for the aero pack after sale? I am looking at a few 2-11's but need the aero pack adding.

Same for 6-point harness.

Anyone got experience of doing this and/or costs?

You could save cost by making the front spoiler yourself out on 6mm plywood, which is the same as the factory unit.

Use the old spolier as a template and add 4". Its important to include the front if you add the larger rear wing.

I have had to replace my front spoiler as they wear out from scraping on speedhuimps and some driveways etc.

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Was interested in the distance between the pilons under the wing so the same

on the std and aero pack cars.

Toying with the idea of chassis mounting a wing to an S2 exige and interested

in roughly where the clam would need to be cut to accommodate it and if the

accusump would need to be relocated.

Accusump is currently over in the right hand corner of the boot.

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Is anyone able to confirm if the Reverie rear wing is legal for raing or do you need to use the Lotus part.

Also for the front splitter, can you make your own (assuming its the right dimensions)?

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