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I just sold my 2006 non supercharged Exige Cup car and am thinking about getting a 2 Eleven to race in the 2009 Central America GT3 Championship. I won the 2006 Central America Championship in my Exige and placed 3rd in 2007 (see photos attached). The competition has gotton faster and I need a faster car which is NOT Supercharged (rules do not permit).

I am curious as to how much faster a 2 Eleven is versus an Exige. I am thinking of racing one and wanted an idea of how much quicker (in lap time seconds on the same track) a 2 eleven is versus the Exige Cup Car. Of course I am looking for comparisons of Supercharged 2 elevens versus Supercharged Exiges and non supercharged 2 elevens versus non supercharged Exige cars.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I know of no-one who has bought the non supercharged version I'm afraid - and neither do I know the figures against an n/a exige - but the weight difference alone must have quite a big impact?

Your best bet might be to contact Lotus on this one?

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Jo is right no one (as far as I am aware) has purchasesd a non supercharged car. But one thing is sure it will be much quicker.

For comparison around Bedford a 1.6 mile circuit the 2-11 was 5 seconds a lap faster that the supercharged Exige. 1.22 versus 1.27

Hope this helps


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Worth checking the regs on the race series - you may find the 211 being open top puts you in another class.

However, it will be much faster - the supercharger kit is fairly weighty and it'll save quite a few kg's. The 211 is also quoted with the much heavier roll bar setup.

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