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I had a set of AO39's on my cup. I did a couple of trackdays in the wet on them and found them to be very good.

Not the cheapest, but if you are going to just use them in the wet they will last a couple of years (they might go off before you wear them out)

Scotty C

Here for a good time, not a long time

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They are very good in the wet but wear out pretty quickly if the track drys and you don't have the luxury of a set obf dry and wet tyres.

2 years might be optomistic as will harder up quite a bit but unless you are an absolute looney in the wet the drop off in performance shouldn't really be noticable.


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Hi Tam !

I had the T1R on the Europa. Sides were not stiff enough for the Europa weight. I think they would be good on a 211. Massive use in rally when they don't have "racing tyres".

Worth to try them :rolleyes:


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I've got a set of full proper wet Avon tyres we can't use any more if anyone is interested. They have been scrubbed in and thats all. Its a very stable tyre so good on a drying track and will last for days on the 211. Naturally they are significantly better than any of the Toyo and Yokohama track day type options. Sadly they are not road legal. I also have some used Avon and Pirelli slicks if anyone fancies trying some serious grip.

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