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Jasons S4S?


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Hi Simon,

Yes it was me, nice new engine still running it in so it was only a very gentle blast!!!!

Valence got knocked off when a volvo rear-ended me in Dorking 2 days after aI put it all back together!!!!

Hows things with you? What were you in? I didn't notice any Esprits on my journey???




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Was bumbling along in the humble weekday 5 series..

Might I ask what went wrong when the engine lunched itself enroute to Oxford?


ps when you see one pass you like that it always reminds you why you bought one - and I just hope mine looks as nice..

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Hi Glyn,

Was probably me!! anyway Hows things, still having probs with yours? whats the latest?

I heard you had the engine out again? is that right? you must be the fastest engine crane in the west!


I'll have to keep my eye out for a bimmer then!! It s problem when people are in their normal cars!! Course yours looks so good, they all do!!!!!

Its a very long story, but basicly one of the pistons died, so I had Miles go to town on it, new pistons + liners, main bearings, exhasut manifold, Turbo, Injectors, and startermotor then head skimmed, crank polished, oil + water pumps serviced, valves relapped,total 100% rebuild. cost a packet!! So now my engine in perfect conditions and I have 45miles of running in left!!!

Getting very close!


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Hi Jason,

Yeah mine i think is now sorted.

I only had half the engine out this time lol

Turned out head was well shagged so complete recon head went on, carbs balanced and now she feels sweeter than ever.

taken on a few mini runs to make sure all is ok, sadly didnt bump into simon like i did last time lol.

There must be a few of us close down here now 3 of us on this thread within 15mins of each other and then i know of Tim in small dole and Mike ring who is now in worthing i think.

We should try and organise a mini sussex hoon!

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Hi Glyn / Jason,

Glad to hear you are both up & running again.

I have just been discussing with Simon about doing a local run.

Any ideas?


This book is guaranteed to NOT change your life…but it does mention a Lotus Esprit...

To enjoy this masterpiece, download Martin now. Simples!!!

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