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What options for a re-sellable 2-11

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My Exige is getting a major depreciation hit and because I mostly use it for track work, I peruaded my dealer to give me a good price for it in exchange for a 2-11. I want to spec it to make it as resellable as possbile. I'm thinking of getting the NA version with track pack (LHD car, not road legar here in Portugal). Anything else I should consider to make it more resellable (I know upercharger would help, but I don't want to put in the extra cash)?



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I can hardly comment as I don't own one nor am I in Portugal but if resale value is very important to you then you need to look at what prospective purchaser will want, and also where they will be based.

If you want to sell a car in the UK, it's almost essential that it's an SVA car. Big brake upgrade, track pack and solid main dealer maintenance will be a big attraction in my opinion and the supercharger can always be added later if you need to it to better realise your cash. The cars are getting brilliant press and with limited numbers are still very exclusive currently leading to strong residuals.

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Agree (mostly) with Bibs but I am not aware of anybody on this forum (apart from Scott) who has sold a 2-11 yet.

Definitely SVA (you might want to do a night race) but I don't see the big brake option as much of an re-sale attraction (they is easy to retro-fit if you believe you need them). Personally I would have thought S/C is the way to go as high power models typically sell better then those lower down the range but understand this can be financially daunting. Track pack is also easy to retrofit so get the road legal wing and splitter as well, even if you always run the track aero. Front and rear towing eyes would always be attractive to track users. Things like spare sets of wheels will also be attractive (and useful if you regularly track the car).

Naturally I believe that once you get your own 2-11 on track, it will put such a huge grin on your face that you won't consider selling it so second hand values will be irrelevant.

All my opinion of course (and I am sure others wil be along later who disagree)


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Without wishing to sound rude, if you are thinking of buying a 2-11 with an eye on it's resale value then my advice is don't buy one.

+1 in the nicest possible way, these are not daily grinders, and if its not what you really want then dont buy it, and buy what you really want. all imho of course

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Whilst I can see what you're getting at I don't agree that he shouldn't get one just because he's wanting to minimise any depreciation hit.

It also sounds quite elitist - along the lines of "if you need to ask the price you can't afford it".

To me it's a sensible question - there are people who will buy the NA 211 but far more will buy (and want to buy) the supercharged version so will be easier to sell and lose less value (IMO of course).

Likewise - the SVA kit can't be retrofitted so again to me it's a critical option to have unless you are trailering the car everywhere and a dedicated track/race car driver. If you want to keep the most value the SVA kit doesn't add much weight and give you access to a much broader market.

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My comment was only to do with the fact that car is not road legal in Portugal anyway, so any track day only car will loose value no matter what you put on it and adding the SVA kit would only help if you sold it to some one who lived in another country, which is unlikely for obvious reasons.

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ah sorry - hadn't noticed the portugal bit.

but still... if getting a track only car might as well get RHD and if money to spare the SVA kit. Then when you're finished tracking it in Portugal you could still sell it in the UK I reckon fairly easily.

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