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2-Eleven now approved for SCCA racing in America

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Nick and the guys at Lotus Sport have been working on this for over a year and we have finally done it.

Now if you want to race your 2-Eleven in the USA you can.

You will just need to add a couple of bits and Lotus Sport is going to make a kit/checklist of what you need.

We presented the car at the SCCA race at Buttonwillow on November 15th.


They had never seen one before and the SCCA asked them to go over it with a fine toothed comb.


As you can see they made us take the front clam off and spent 3 hours teching the car. (You guys will have it easy as we did the hard part here).

The SCCA people were all very nice and a great bunch. They were very interested in the car and happy to see it.

They then gave me a log book and we were off to the races:)


We did wash the car Sunday.


And then i even got a race win on my birthday :D


We ran the race in ASR and they have since the race placed the 2-Eleven in ST

Here is a list of the other cars in ST


So if you want to go SCCA racing next year get a 2-Eleven ASAP :P

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Right you are there. Last night a nasty cold front came in. It's down in the lower 30's, raining with bouts of sleet mixed in. I've been here in Texas too long to be comfortable with this nonsense.

True I am on a diet, but have not yet lost enough pizza to fit in the race seat, (in either car), with a race suit and thermal undies. :D

Any need for crusty old electrical field engineers out that way?

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I can give you the short list off of the top my head.

1) Fuel Cell

2) Automatic fire suppression

3) Electronic kill switch

4) Fuel tap

5) steering lock removal

6) front and rear tow hooks

I think that is more or less it...

I am sure Nick will get me more specific info soon but I think that is 99% of it.

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I figured the fuel cell and fire supression system. What is the fuel tap and steering lock? Is the lock the one associated with the ignition key?

One thing I thought they might go after was the roll bar. Are they going to accept the set up that comes with the car or will they require the full roll cage?

Sorry to be a pest with the questions, just don't want to get caught out with last minute changes/mods as the season starts.

By the way, Merry Christmas!

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The fuel tap is just a spigot on the fuel line between the cell and the engine so they can take a fuel sample if you win.

The steering lock on the wheel has to come out as they are not allowed on safety grounds.

The roll bar setup on all of the USA cars is to SCCA spec and does not need to be changed. Nick was thinking ahead :D

Merry Christmas to you too :D

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I looked at the SCCA schedule for our area and it appears that most of it conflicts with the vintage schedule for this year.

I think I will spend this year modifying and getting used to the 2-11 so that it and I will be ready for the 2010 season.

In addition to the vintage season, (which I am obligated to run in), I am hoping that I can get enough people in our area signed up to get a Lotus challenge Series going. Budget barley allows for two series runnings so SCCA will have to wait.

Patrick, thanks again for your efforts in getting the 2-11 sanctioned. Makes ownership most worthwhile.

By the way, had a chance to run against a GT3 class Vette this past weekend. If that's what we will be running against I am not as worried as I was prior. :(

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I did not do it yet. They gave me a one race waiver.

It will just go on the fuel line in the engine bay, it should be very easy.

Hi Patricko - have you sorted the fuel tap yet? I'm looking to install a fuel pressure sensor so the mechanics should be the same. From the manuals I'm thinking the fuel line that goes to the fuel rail and has a join to the pump fuel line also in the engine bay. Will put a pic up of where I mean.

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