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Shift cable removal/replacement

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Does anyone have a procedure for replacing the shift cables on their 2-11? One of the cables on my car was defective and came apart. I need to replace it and am not sure of how to remove the cable from the shift assembly. Specifically the hard rubber block that the two cables pass through. I have the cable disconnected everywhere else but do not know how to get the upper one out.

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Have done so and gotten the info needed. The nasty part is that both seats have to come out. :D Getting the drivers seat out was a B#$^&! in itself.

Getting it back in is going to be a real pisser. Especially the bolt at the front left side of the seat. I think I will bolt the frames to the seat first, then bolt the whole thing back to the floor. Providing I can get the front bolts started. May have to hire a vertically challenged, concentration camp poster child for that effort.

As it now stands a removable steering wheel is high on my Christmas wish list.

Lotus - you gents have built a fine car, but you sure did not do us any favors when it comes to working on them.

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2 hours later the remaining seat is out, the cable block screws removed, the block pulled free of the shifter assembly and @#$%!, &#[email protected]#%!!!!!

Holding the cable in place is a stinking, bloody, press fitted roll pin! Buggar! :D

After the required swearing and obligatory tool toss was out of the way I managed to remove the offending pin and extract the cable from the block. Unfortunately my joy at having reached this stage in the dis-assembly process was quickly erased by the experience of extracting the cable from the shifter frame. More explicatives, a couple more tool tossings, and a portion of scraped skin and dripped blood later, and the cable was finally free and removed from the car.

Anyone who may try to do this exercise without the benefit of having a lift may I strongly urge you to reconsider. Do not be the cheap bastard that I am. go to the dealer or service parlor of your choice and let a paid professional handle the task.

Installing the replacement cable was only slightly better than the removal effort. Again, an ample supply of less than gentlemanly language was issued, more tools were tossed, and a bit more organic matter parted coimpany with it's host.

Tonight I will attempt to re-install the seats. I think the wounds of the previous two nights will have coagulated enough to stop any further blood shed, ....initially.

Test drive schedued for Friday.

If it does not work please ignore the strange sounds of some loon screaming pitifully into the night. That would be me.

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Well, I did manage to get the left front bolt a bit cross-wise. Caught it before it got too bad and saved the threads with a tap and die.

Seats are back in, the car is all back together, and most surprisingly of all, it works!

I had tried to install the drivers seat with it lowered one screw hole on the mounting brackets. No good. With the seat mounted thus I could not get my hand under the seat to get the front bolts started. To try and move the seat forward, (wifes seating position), is not going to happen. I was hoping that changing the seat position would have been less of an ordeal.

Going to have to come up with something in order to make that accomodation. Marital harmony is essential.

No, she's not getting one of her own. At least not untill the lottery gods shine their favor upon our bank account.

I have to say that the changing of the cables is one job I hope never to have to do again.

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SSC shift cable installed. Did not remove the seats. I used a short screwdriver bit with a 1/4" ratcheting wrench to remove the screws from the block. Unbolt the e-brake lever, don't remove the cable. Move the lever to the side to replace shift cable. Approx time 2hrs for the job. I also installed small shims on the trans shift lever pins to prevent the cable ends from floating up and down. This eliminated some more play from the shifter. Al is correct, it helps a lot to have a lift.:)



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