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2-Elveven with windscreen

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Hallo Lotus Friends,

we created a design concept of a Lotus 2-11 with windscreen an wing doors!

Take a look at it. It is meant for drivers who prefer to use the car on normal streets most of the time.

What do you think about it?

Here you can find more information about the car. We call it 2-Eleven Speedster!


best regards


Fa. Premiumspeed

[email protected]

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I appreciate all the effort and creativity that has gone into this, and it looks well executed, but do Lotus not already produce something off the shelf that's very similar - and that also adds a soft top...........the Elise?

One of the things that gets me about the 2-Eleven is it's two finger, slightly "mad dogs and Englishmen" attitude to comfort, yet somehow it rides well, and with the right gear on the right day it's not only comfortable but is simply hedonistic! I'm worried that adding weight, and offering the screen takes a lot away from the raw appeal of the car........especially as a concept so similar exists in an off the shelf package as in the Elise, that in itself can give 230BHP, can be tricked up with the correct footprint, OHLINS, brakes, plus offer air con, soft / hardtop, stereo............

For total weatherproofing and something more focused than the Elise, theres also an Exige CUP 260...........

Apologies for any apparent negativity; I admire the effort and the execution - just not the concept. It's a bit like seeing an original Type 23 with an Elan Type 26 screen frame and glass, you'd have to wonder why?

Perhaps another approach with a ligtweight bubble perspex, full length canopy as seen on the Streamliner Type Elevens, this would offer the benefits of weather proofing, aesthetics, and not compromise on weight - it'd also look where's me pens?

Good luck with it anyways!



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I would agree with you if the CUP 260 was not 200kg heavier than the 2-eleven but it is ! If it had the same weight as a 2-eleven I would buy one !

I think we are a few coming from 340R to 2-eleven and the lack of windscreen can be an issue for us for road use (because you have to wear al helmet) I find the idea of a tiny & light & removable windscreen interesting.

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The car itself doesn't look bad and I think that Scott is right - if the Elise didn't exist then it would be more relevant.

However the door windows are pointless as you'd never be able to get in and out easily. There's also different internal door structure so not much scope for winding mechanisms (which even in the elise were a source of problems).

the windscreen in the picture is mounted further back than you'd be able to get away with. You've then got issues with roll over protection as the Elise windscreen mount is very securely fitted for obvious reasons. So any form of quick release is going to be complicated and expensive at best.

I do like scotts idea of a bubble canopy - That could be done using the existing roll bar as an anchor points and it could sit on the car with simple clamp inside at the front to hold it on. Couple gas struts to make it hinge and it could look very cool (in a batman kind of way). Course you've got regs on windscreen wipers but there's nothing stopping you mounting the wipers "upsidedown" with the motors in the canopy roof. saves having to mess with the car's bodywork too much.

Interesting but I'm tied up fitting my new gadget steering wheel :D

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Did Santa bring you one of these bad boys?


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Evora NA

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He he - not quite.

One of these:


(the 340mm one)

It's a good size and the feel is good. Lighter than the momo quick release that it's replacing.

Wiring harness is of a very good standard and is pretty much idiot proof.

Got the oil sensors sorted and just waiting on a new water hose for the coolant sensor.

Having to fabricate a bracket for the wheel speed sensor but should be easy to sort.

Going to test the rpm feed when I get the ecu back from LSP.

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Nein danke ....

As with similar comments above it is not in the concept of the car to get a windscreen like that. It would be better to take an Elise an fabricate the straight side panels alike of the 2-11 and side skirts, put a Bemani SC in and of you go :blink:


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My point is if you want the looks of a 2-11 body but with elise-style windscreen etc (can't think of another reason why one would do that


It is meant for drivers who prefer to use the car on normal streets most of the time.

unquote), it makes more sense to start form an Elise then from a 2-11. Just think about the legal conformity you need to drive on the road. Putting on a windscreen, wipers etc is far more changing the car then putting on some other side panels.

:blink: Frank ,do you get an alert on your screen everytime someone is typing 'Bemani' or 'SC' on the internet ??

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Frank, a 2-Eleven is not just a body kit... :)

Says who.... :blink: remove all the Elise bits you paid for add a few bits here and there, add "body kit" and you've got a 2-11 with 528bph.

I think it's fast enough…maybe

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For me this has transformed the 2-11 on the road for me. I should know as I have done a few miles :blink:

I have used it at 150mph (in Germany :) ) just wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat and its fine.

It also cut down on wind noise, I wear a set of shure headphones(mp3 playing or not) when driving to cut wind noise.

Scotty C


Here for a good time, not a long time

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