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2-11's to LOG 29?

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I'll be there with the 2-Eleven for the Barber track day. Also, FYI: Was also going to bring the 23B for the advertised "Vintage" race that runs simultaneous @ Barber with the LOG 29 weekend. Upon further investigation, the advertised "Vintage" race is not vintage after all so those who had similar plans may want to reconsider as I have.


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To add to Bill's posting, what was billed as vintage racing is actually a NASA event. To my knowledge they do not have a vintage class. Also, it is a three day event. The story is that they have set up a special slot for the vintage races.

The cost of a three day race, plus additional costs could make it a pricey affair. That plus the amount of time required to participate would kill any involvement in the LOG 29 activities.

That said, I'll be leaving the Type 61 at home and just bringing the 2-11.

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Its true and I'm sorry to say that the Vintage race weekend that we had hoped to have won't be happening, but NASA is still putting on a weekend of racing for us. If there is enough interest from those with vintage racers we still might be able to convince NASA to squeeze in one vintage class race somewhere over the weekend. If you're interested please send an email to [email protected]

The other thing I wanted to mention was our new and improved event web site at WWW.LOG29.COM. This new site has all of the proper forms, schedules, etc. for the weekend.

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It was great to meet another 2-11 owner in the flesh. Your car looks great, love the sound of the exhaust, and the trailer is to die for. Sorry we did not get to chat more but I got caught up in the instructor session and then was asked to let George Barber and Doc take the car out for a run. The rest of the day was chaotic after that and then the heat got the best of me so we packed up early and headed back to Texas.

Hope you had a good time and a safe trip home. See you next year?

Take care and have a good one.

Al B

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