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Anyone know this car?

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Hi everyone, my name is Ronnie and I own a FF turbocharged '05 Elise. I found a new 2 eleven here in the states at See the car here:

I know this is subjective, but personally, I love the color scheme. If anyone knows this car or if anyone can tell me what to look for when I look at it, any help is appreciated.

Would this have the 260 upgrade?

Are there any other unsold 2 elevens in the states?

Thanks for any help and maybe I'll be one of you soon,


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The US economy being in the toilet and having to be supported by China, 211s and cup cars (track only) are difficult to sell right now and will continue to be so for quite some time. Park Place Motors in Seattle has an orange 211, Norm Baker in Nevada has two 211s (a black and a yellow I think) and Foxvalleymotorsports is advertising an orange 211 on ebay right now best offer. Looks like Norm Baker would be willing to make a great deal to get rid of the yellow 211. Plus the red one at Switchcars. Thats at least 5 new 2008 211s in the US that are sitting that I know of, plus at least 6 2007 Cup Cars that are either 0 miles or Switch cars has one with like 700 miles. The 211 is a great car, but it's a buyers market. I am looking to pick up a 211 or 07 Cup Car, but I'm not going to pay anywhere near MSRP. I'm going to Scotsdale to look at the two Cup Cars they have there next week when I will be in Phoenix. You could go to and go through the dealers and check new and used inventory for each to get a good idea of 211s in US. Good Luck, Mike

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Good Luck with our quest Mike :lol:

So there are 5 2-Elevens available in the whole USA and spring will be here soon.

Those cars will all be gone by the end of next month. I would agree that Exige Cup cars do not look like a good deal next to a 2-Eleven.

The 2-Eleven is a very special car and the people that own them know how lucky they are.

I hope you are able to get one.

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