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The dash lights usually illuminate when you switch on your side lights or dipped beam, however having neither on the USA spec cars causes a problem insomuch that you've not got a way of activating them! I'll see if someone else more clever than I can come up with a solution!

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From the wiring diagram in the manual "service supplement" page 34 "Instruments" you are looking for pin B6 on the Dash unit.

This is the illumination trigger and is connected to the UK SVA connector only (I think colour code RO is red/orange stripe).

In theory if you were to wire this instead to the rain lamp switch it would also set the illuminate the display.

there already is a wire going from the switch to the display - T189 RY as this connects to pin A8 on the dash to turn the fog light indicator on.

You should be able to splice these two together and then turning on the rain lamp will also turn on the dash lights however I've not tried it and I'm quite tired so no promises.

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