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Track setup

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As the weather is warming up (slightly) I hope to be able to get my car onto a circuit fairly soon.

I was hoping that a few of you that have been able to spend some time on track would be kind enough to share your thoughts/experiences on a good track set up. I am thinking along the lines of :

Suspension settings; both bump and rebound

Anti roll bar settings

Ride height

Rear wing setting ( as i have the aerokit)

and of course tyre pressures.

If anyone has spoken to the Lotus motorsport team about this perhaps you would be kind enough to share their advise.

I know that different types of circuits require a different set up (especially aero) and different drivers have different styles but hoped for advise on a good starting point for a neutral handling car or a set up that you like.


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Top Posters In This Topic

I've moved your topic to the 'track setup' section where I hope you'll get a better response and it will be a better reference for the future. If you read some of the other topics in here they will be able to tell you a few things about the car on specific tracks, but it's also good general knowledge.

There's also a specific thread about tyre pressure here and please add your thoughts to this thread about a day at Lotus learning about setup :blink:

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Thanks Bibs,

I was not sure which section to put it in, I guess the title Track set up should have been a good clue !!

I have already read the other threads but as some are quite old or it has been a while since a new post; I would start a topic where every part of the cars setup can be discussed in one place and different opinions/experiences compared.

p.s I have already answered re. the idea of a lotus set up day - think it's a great idea, count me in !!

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As you mentioned in your initial post, car set-up is a very personal thing, some people like a stiff setup (Jo for example) whereas others perfer a softer setting (Paul?).

The advice given in the Handling supplement supplied with the car is a good starting point and also gives some hints as to the best sequence to go about the "personalisation" of the set-up.

My observation would be that there isn't a short-cut to this and if you are to get the most out of the car, you need to go through the set-up pain. Book a couple of track days at the same location, take a set of tools and be prepared to tinker with the car between sessions - don't forget to make a note of what you change and whether you felt this to be an improvement or not. You should home in on a set-up you like quite quickly.

From personal experience I would say that you need to beware of "subjective" judgements as these can mislead you - I went down a set-up route that was leading to a slower car because I was trying to get the car to behave like my previous one rather than what was quickest for the Lotus.

I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for, but I do think it is the best way to go. Get out there and have some fun whilst setting up the car!

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Agree with Del, setup is personal thing and is very much dependant on your own driving style/preferences.

Only way really is by trial and error. Just don't try to adjust too many things at once.

Take your time until you get a set up that suits you and definately leave the rear wing adjustments to the very last.

Just remember if you are only doing track days the object is to have fun and not be spending your time in the garage playing around with settings amd losing valuable track time.

My advice is unless you are in race series where every 1/10th second counts, once you have a basic set up, leave it alone and have fun just driving the car.

If you really want to see significant improvments in the speed of your car you can't beat more driver training.


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Thanks chaps,

I have been having driver track day coaching for the last year or so (used to track a 250 bhp caterham) and will continue to do so this year, obviously helps a great deal.

I've read the manual concerning set up but originally wondered if during time and experience the recommended settings had been adjusted. Thought some of you may have had some favourite settings that would be worth a try. Think I'll give the motorsport guys a call.

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When I initially spoke to the Motorsport Department they suggested starting off with the following initial adjustments:

soften bump by 5 clicks

soften rebound 8 click

soften Front anti-roll bar 1 notch.


Thanks Paul,

Would I be correct in thinking that the aforementioned settings are from back from the stiffest damper setting ?

Are these applicable both front and rear or front only ?

Thanks again.

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No, this is the adjustment from the standard factory settings which should be as follows from full stiff:

Compression: Front 10 Rear 12

Rebound: Front 8 Rear 11

Front roll bar should be set in the centre of the 5 holes.

See how you get on.


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