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2-Eleven suspension travel

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The 2-eleven S/C comes with 2 way adjustable Ohlins as standard with 22 click settings for Bump and 60 click setting for Rebound. It also has a 5 position front anti-roll bar.

I am not an expert but I thought that the standard Exige S does not have adjustable suspension as standard and the Sports option comes with 1 way adjustable Ohlins


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Hi Bruh, or do I call you La? Measured at the wheel rim from a 100 F / 110 R base ride height the car has 19mm of bump and 44mm of droop at the front and 22mm of bump and 40mm droop at the rear. Now you can see why I get sweaty when people start wanting to drop their cars below 90mm ride at the front..... :lol:

I don't have Exige S figures to hand, but it has about 10-15mm more bump and simliar droop at both the front and the rear. Note that the Exige rides at 130mm all round, so at the same ride heights as the 2-Eleven it has almost no bump travel at all!


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Can anyone confirm what the standard spring rates are?

Also for running at lower ride height, say the championship minimum of 85mm what spring rate would be optimal?

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Guest bruh_la

Thanks for the reply Nick, sorry i did not thank you sooner, i have been away.

Its a lot less travel than i thought it would be......but still seems to get rave reviews about its complient ride.

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