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After reading through all the postings to date I have not found any discussion with regards to the mounting of slicks for track use and adjustment to camber.

According to the manual the negative camber should be increased in order to obtain a 10 degree temp differential inside to outside, (or the other way, whichever). Negative camber is increased by reducing the shim pack.

Has anyone fitted slicks and made the necessary camber adjustments? PatrickO, anyone?

for reference, stock settings for A048 shod cars is Fr: -1.4 Deg., Rr: -2.5 Deg.

Since the 2-11 is not street legal I plan on going to slicks and would like to get the correct settings.


Al B.

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You might want to read some of the earlier post about the inability of the accusump to cope with the increase loads generated by slick tyres before you switch to slicks, unless you have already solved that problem.


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The following is a letter I just recieved in response to my question about slicks that I had sent to Lotus Sport. Note the answer was sent from outside of Lotus Sport. F.Y.I. for those contemplating running slicks.




Thank you for your patience.We received this from Lotus Sport in response to your questions:

Slicks make for an interesting question on the 2-Eleven. The car was designed and developed around treaded Yokohama A048 tyres, so we have very little data proving the cars durability when running on slicks. To that end we have always been careful to say that the car is not specified for slicks and they shouldn't be used as we cannot be sure that the engine won't suffer from oil surge because the high grip from the tyres and the cars low mass will lead to some pretty serious lateral g figures. We are not too worried about suspension stresses as the suspension is the same as that on the much heavier Exige and they have been running slicks with no real issues, but although the suspension forces will be similar thay cannot pull the same g as the 2-Eleven. The Dubai 24hour car ran Michelin slicks and the engine didn't surge at all; we were monitoring oil pressure all through the race and we had no issues. The car was fitted with the Moroso Oil pan and the standard Accusump oil accumulator. I think my advice would be that any customer who wants to run slicks on his 2-Eleven but who doesn't want to go to the expense and hassle of a full dry sump system should install the Moroso oil pan (I don't think the baffles work in it as the design is flawed, but the extra oil capacity must help). He should also install some form of oil pressure monitoring system, a gauge or transducer, to be sure things are OK. The standard Accusump is all that is needed, there is no need to up the unit volume to the best of my knowledge. The main thing with running slicks is that the customer understands he is now firmly in race car territory when it comes to maintainance schedules due to the high loads everything is being subjected to. This means he MUST have the car inspected and safety checked fully after every track day/race meeting and must be prepared to change components like track rod ends, wheel bearings etc as a matter of course rather than waiting for them to fail. The car cannot be treated like a road car when it is fitted with slicks. Period (as you colonialists say).

I think I have already answered your question on the Accusump; the 2-Eleven is fitted as standard with the same accusump unit as used on the Cup 255, so no need to worry. The SCCA homologation includes the Accusump.

Front 20/61 - 16 S7C

Rear 24/61-17 S8B

Size and Compound slicks Lotus ran in Dubai. Although they mentioned that they should have run a half an inch wider at the rear.

Hope this helps.

We have the Accusump kit ALS3E0022J $16.74Cup Car Wheels:

Fronts now $833.54 ea

Rears now $912.03 ea

Thank you for choosing Lotus Garage and we hope to meet your future Lotus parts needs.




Blackwatch, Inc

tele 949.246.4839

fax 949.653.5838

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Seems a very good and perfectly reasonable response.

I think anybody who goes ontrack with slicks without even basic monitoring of oil temp and pressure kinda deserve what they get. (although this does get me onto the my view that Lotus should have installed even basic temp and pressure monitors as standard :()

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That's been one of my beefs about the 2-11 since day one. Billed as a track car, but with less gauges than I would want on a street car.


Stop complaining, you know that you love your 2Eleven. :)

Just get one of these and some gauges installed.....mods are fun. :(

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I spoke with Michel. That oil pan is $875, I have not pulled the trigger on buying one yet.


Try going direct to the source..... perhaps the exchange rate will help on the price if you purchase from Bemani directly. I know that Michel bought/brought those into the US more than 8 months ago and "things" were different then to say the least.

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Stop complaining, you know that you love your 2Eleven. :(

Just get one of these and some gauges installed.....mods are fun. :)

:lol: Sorry, did not mean to make it sound like a complaint. My, but that is a very pretty tid-bit. French royal blue, isn't it? :(

Mods are indeed fun. All it takes is time and money. I'll leave the complaint portion trailer off that last statement.

Is that a Moroso or Bimani pan, or someone else's?

The dry sump sounds good, but will wait and see how it plays out on other cars first. Something in the add just has warning bells going off in the back of my dust bin of a brain compartment.

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I was just kidding ... I know that you're not a complainer. :(

It's a Bemani pan which is basically a stock Yota pan with baffles and trap doors.

I'm with you on the Monkey Wrench ad. I've also heard that there is something else coming down the pike from a very well-know racing engine-builder firm.

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Hmmm $2.5k seems quite expensive for what is basically a new sump pan, a collection tank and a scavenge pump (as it uses the existing oil pump)!

Just ask for a bigger discount on the new tow car you are buying. Second thoughts are you going to generate enough g force in corners to make the purchase a worthwhile option :(

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To be honest I think it was a brain fart. I just did a search to try and find where I got the Michelin bit and saw Toyo tires plastered across the top of the car. The waste, a terrible thing to mind!

My bad, either too much or not enough caffeine in the morning is most likely the culprit behind the mis-statement.


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The Dubai car did run Michelins, the numbers in the "private" mail which I sent to someone who then posted it here without the courtesy of asking first are their codings and compounds. They worked well, although they are way too hard for the car. We could probably have completed the 24 hour race on one set if we had been silly enough. We are looking at working with Michelin to develop a suitable compound and construction tyre, but it won't be ready for a while yet.

The Race was sponsored by Toyo tyres, hence the decals!! Good job it wasn't sponsored by KY Jelly or you would all be worried..... :lol:


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