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Hello from a potential 2 Eleven owner

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Hi all,

Not a 2 Eleven owner yet but I will be visiting Hethel next month to sample the car and all being well a purchase will follow soon afterwards.

Never knew this forum existed but was pointed towards it by Scotty C from Scottishelises. Thanks Scotty, some good info on here.

No doubt I'll be popping in from time to time looking for advice/opinions and catching up on the general 2 Eleven chat.



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Hello Neil and welcome to the forum.

Good luck with your purchase :(

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Hello Neil and welcome to the forum.

Good luck with your purchase :(

Thanks Bibs :lol:

Hi Neil

I think you should put some of the questions you asked me on here.

I think you were asking the wrong person about a N/A 2-11 :(

Hope to catch up with you soon.


You won't get me off your back that easily Scotty :) I will stick a few questions up soon.

Does anyone on here own a N/A car ? From reading some of the other posts I get the impression that everyone here is a S/C owner and seem to be quite negative about the N/A car.

I'm certainly favouring the N/A car at the moment but still open to persuasion.

I would be interested to hear the opinion of someone who has driven them both back to back.

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Hi Neil,

I am lucky enough to have driven both cars. I own a supercharged and drove the n/a on a damp Lotus test track for 15 or so minutes.

I was very impressed with the n/a car, having preconceptions of it being "underpowered" compared to the s/c version. On the damp track it felt fantastic; at that moment I could not have used more power as grip was limited out of corners.

Does the s/c feel quicker in a straight line - yes. On a dry, long circuit I am sure I would be quicker in my car; but, put someone who can REALLY drive in a n/a car and I am sure that I would struggle to keep up even with 70+ bhp.

If you are going to use the 2-eleven mainly on the road I would think that a n/a is more than quick enough and of course it can be upgraded later.

When I first read about the "base" car I wondered what the point of it was, but after trying it I was very,very impressed. If money is an issue, or there is a preference to build the spec up at a later date I really don't think that you would be disappointed. I had expected be a lot less than it was and would certainly advise anyone to try it before they discount it.

The only small worry to me would be resale value, as mentioned above, but I guess it will be a while before we find that out.

Anyway whichever you get, enjoy it !!

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Hi Neil, as the guys have said, both cars have their merits. I must admit when we first finally got around the building a normally aspirated car after getting used to the performance of the supercharged one I was worried that it would feel slow, but that really isn't the case. The kick in the back you get when the cams switch on the NA car is exaggerated by the cars low mass and the result is great fun. The NA is more accessible than the SC, especially on the roads where the SC performance can make things start to happen very quickly on occasion! The absolute difference in performance is not a great as you would expect, sure the SC car is quicker, but with less mass in the first place the NA is not slower in the corners and can embarrass a SC car given the right driver :( The press certainly liked the NA car, I think some of them felt less intimidated by the performance and were therefore able to enjoy it more. I wouldn't worry about resale value becasue the car can always be upgraded to SC at a later stage, when you feel you need it.

Ask your dealer to get you down to Hethel for a look round. If we have an NA car to hand I'll take you out in it....


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Thanks for the feedback. Lee & Nick, good to read your insight into the N/A car, it confirms a lot of the thoughts about the car I had myself (even although I have yet to drive one).

Nick, I am already booked to go to Hethel to drive the 2 Eleven on 25th March so hopefully I will get the chance to meet you when I'm there.

Another question if I may, this time relating to the dampers and wheels :

How do the Ohlins compare to the std Bilsteins ?

Would I be right in thinking that a base spec car on Bilsteins and Y spoke wheels is effectively just a slightly lighter N/A Exige with no screen and roof ? Or is there more to it ?

And the forged wheels v's the Y spoke Exige wheels, does the extra unsprung mass have a noticable effect on how the car drives ?

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Hi Neil, look forward to seeing you on the 25th. The 2-Eleven rides lower than the Exige, by 30mm at the font and 20mm at the rear. As a result of this the bump travel would have been unacceptably limited with the standard length Exige dampers and hence the 2-Eleven dampers are shorter and unique to the 2-Eleven. The valving of the dampers, which controls the damping characteristics is also different to suit the lower mass of the car on both the Bilsteins and the Ohlins to that used on the Exige. The Ohlins are a more track biased base setting than the Bilsteins, although they can of course be adjusted to soften the ride if you are doing a long journey for example (not that many of us would bother because the ride is suprisingly good for such a good little track car). The non-adjustable Bilsteins have a slightly more compliant ride than the Ohlins in their standard adjustment settings, but the balance and grip they offer is fantastic and I have to say I was blown away when I first drove the car with them fitted. Gav Kershaw set them up and he did a great job. If you need the facility to adjust damping or want to learn what benefits it can bring you go for the Ohlins. If you just want to drive the car get the Bilsteins.

The standard cast Y Spoke wheels are as a set 10.8 kg heavier than both the forged twin spoke (the optional wheel on the Elise and Exige, standard on 2-Elevens with the Sport pack) and 8kg heavier than the five spoke motorsport wheel (cost option on 2-Elevens with the Sport pack), and a sensitive driver will feel the difference in terms of both ride and response. It's by no means a major deal, but in a back to back test it is noticeable.

All the best, Nick

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As has already been said on another thread, thanks for taking the time out to post on here. It's awesome stuff getting such in-depth answers like this from someone who is so close to the car and knows it inside out.

I've spent a few months mulling over how I would spec my car should I decide to buy one and within the space of a few threads you've made it pretty much click into place.

Thanks again and hopefully see you on the 25th. :lol:


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