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Question for exhaust

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Isn't the test as follows:

Start engine allow to idle, if you can hear the exhaust it is stage 2

rev engine to 3000 rpm, if you can hear exhaust it is stage 1

otherwise it is the quiet (standard) exhaust, loved by tracks with noise limits

Saving up for a sequential gearbox
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I have to admit here that I may be out of touch on what my friends in production purchasing are up to. I'm told that the stage 1 silencer has been revised, but I don't know how. It is possible that for reasons of cost they have commonised the outer silencer casing in which case the sound will be the only way to tell them apart. I'll find out next week and report back. Nick

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Not spin cycle ...... stage 1 and 2 are more like the 'warm' setting on a hairdryer.

I asked this question 1 week after getting mine last quarter 08 and switched it there and then after the first week for the Larini club sport ........ only one way to sum it up ....... just buy it, don't look back........

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I think Nick has a post on this somewhere, the early Lotus Sport built cars had the Stage 1 exhaust fitted, but all the later cars i.e. the ones with the big mirrors are fitted with the standard exhaust system.


Paul this is not strictly true. I have an early (#28) Lotus Sport built 2-11, and I believed too that mine had the stage 1 exhaust.

I even had this confirmed by B&C quoting the VIN number of my car.

I ordered the stage 2 exhaust..only to find when it arrived it was no different to the one fitted to the car.

Im told now by B&C that Lotus didnt have very good records of the early 2-11's.

The trouble is that everyone is ducking for cover and wont (at this stage) credit back my Stage 2 exhaust, which includes 300 GBP of freight from New Zealand.

This has been dragging on for about 5 months and I would like a positive outcome ASAP.

Any ideas??? :lol:

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Right, we have a definitive answer here for exhausts. Pay attention at the back! :lol:

There have only ever been two silencers available for the 2-Eleven from Lotus, 127S0001F which is the stage 1 sports silencer as shown on page 17 of the dealer order guide which is elsewhere on this site, and 127S0004F which is the standard quiet silencer as shown in the picture at the start of this thread. I was misinformed regarding a sports silencer based on the standard cannister; there is no such thing. We have never offered a stage 2 silencer, so I don't know how you managed to buy one Paul, by the sound of your thread you have bought a second stage 1 silencer. I guess you assumed that stage 1 was the standard offering; it is not. By our (remarkably good) records your car was fitted with a stage 1 sports silencer when it left here. Who did you buy the silencer from, and what precisely did you order?

The early 2-Elevens, up to around car 40 or so were all supplied with the stage 1 silencer as a free upgrade because we were not ready with the standard silencer. As soon as the standard silencer became available we started using it on all cars as standard unless the optional stage 1 silencer was selected by the customer.

The standard silencer is easily identified by its rolled end on the tailpipe; the stage 1 silencer just has a cut end without a radius rolled on. If you want to fit a standard silencer to a car originally fitted with the stage 1 silencer then you will neeed to replace the number plate mount with the later style piece at the same time as the original mount fouls the larger silencer.

The standard silencer is very quiet, but even it doesn't guarantee entry to some of the more noise restricted tracks in the UK :lol: The stage 1 silencer will get you thrown out of about half the track days we have over here :P , with noise levels on the supercharged engine of 97.5 dB(A) with a catalyst fitted and 101 DB(A) without a catalyst. Any noisier exhausts will further restrict the cars access to track days where noise levels apply.

I hope this clears things up.


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Thanks Nick for explaining it in so much detail. Mine was supplied with the quiet one, but I switched it to a Stage 1 fairly swiftly. Just one note for UK based people who are new to 2-11 ownership.

I fitted my Stage 1 in May 2008 and it duly came in at 97db or thereabouts at my first couple of trackdays. Since then it has got progressively louder, and by the end of last year was coming at 101/102dbsat most tests.

Now, fortunately for me, I tend to use either foreign circuits where noise is less of an issue, or "loud" UK circuits like Goodwood and Snetterton, but should I want to start using even Brands this year, to be on the safe side I'm going to have to purchase a new Stage 1.

Looks like I will have to treat it like an annual consumable :lol:

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Nick , Thanks for the explanation. It was my terminology that was incorrect.

I was lead to believe that my car had a standard exhaust (even though I thought it was reasonably loud), and I ordered a replacement stage 1 exhaust I have two stage one exhausts.

Forget that I even mentioned the word (s) Stage two.


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unfortunately not personally :lol:

I have seen a couple units added to westfields/caterhams that made a huge difference

Looking at it with the single exhaust outlet on the 211 it may be possible to have some that double backs infront of the rear plate (prob have to remove the rear plate as itll most likely melt !)

I looking around at the moment so see whats possible. Even something like a silenced cat replacement pipe made a massive difference on my old sport 190 and that might be enough to just take the edge off the noise

Here's something I was looking at - no idea on the effectiveness or suitability but it's the kind of thing I was looking at.;pcode=CCLSBR2

It's 8" long which might be a bit much hanging out the back but might be workable and at less than 50 quid it's almost worth trying.

Just noticed it comes with a support strut so that should help take the weight. Probably straightforward to link in with a diffuser mounting hole.

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I used one of those fitted on my 250 bhp Caterham at Bedford a couple of years ago. To be honest it only brought the noise down by <1db on a pretty noisy exhaust system (black flagged at Brands) and didn't stop me from getting asked to leave by the noise police for triggering their drive by test.

I personally wouldn't bother with it and thats one of the reasons i'll stick with the quiet exhaust system until a repackable unit is available.

If you want to try one you can have mine for

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Sorry for the delay in answering.

The inlet is 2 1/4 inches. I had a thin bracket welded to it so that I could attach a clamp to the Caterham exhaust to keep it in place.

Cannot see why this wouldn't work on the 2/11 with a bit of adjustment. Bear in mind though that the whole unit is quite heavy and will need to be held in place very securely.

I won't be using it for sure so it's yours if you want it for a score.

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