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check intercooler "slinky" type hose on right side

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FYI - I noticed some fairly significant rubbing with the body panel. The wear is almost all the way through. Squishing the tube gives a bit of relief. It seems the steel intercooler pipes don't allow the flexible hose to fit correctly. All cars are different so hopefully others are ok.

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That's fairly common - mine were replaced under warranty. When B&C refitted them they took a lot of care about tying them down away from the fibreglass lid which was doing the damage.

Watch the left hand one as that splits as well, but in a different place.

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Mine was doing the same thing so I cut one side of a piece of 3/8 rubber fuel hose lengthwise and slipped it over the edge of the engine cover that was contacting the intercooler hose. Works fine. A bit of hillbilly engineering. :lol:



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Sorry I can't take a picture at this time. As I write this I just finished loading the car into the trailer. Its going to be a fun weekend! If no one else beats me to it I will post one sometime next week.

PS - I used Duct tape-- fixes everything!

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Yeah, it does get a bit tight in there, I wanted a second bend in the feed pipe to the intercoolr to get more clearance but it was not posible without cutting and wleding the pipe due to the proximity to the other bends. A gentle squashing of the convoluted hose to get clearance is the best and easiest soution if it is rubbing.


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