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Faulty Start Button

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I have a problem with my "BIG RED START BUTTON". It works only intermittently, often taking 10 or more pushes for it the car to start.

Has anybody else experienced a simliar problem, and what is the fix??

I have pulled it apart, with no obvious faults. :lol:

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Are you sure it's the button? Take a DVOM (digital volt/ohm meter) and test it. A faulty starter solenoid can give the same symptoms.

Take a test light to the activation wire on the solenoid while someone hits the button. If it does not crank and you have power there you have a bad power you have a bad button.



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Good advice, let me know what you find. Nick

The problem is in the actual button assembly. There is a small microswitch under the red button...this works 100%, but it appears that the red button is not making consistant contact with the mircoswitch. I have to push the button either on the top right or bottom centre for the car to start..frustrating. Visually there appears to be nothing wrong with it. :lol:

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OK, thanks Paul, drop me your address and I will pop a replacement in the post to you free of charge. Please send me the dead switch back when you have recieved the replacement so that I can find out what has gone wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Thanks, Nick

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Hi Nick,

I hope you are on the mend.

I was wondering if you had dispatched the starter button to me yet? The problem is a lot worse now , and I have had to dismantle the starter panel in order to start the engine.

Many thanks


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..what happened to me is a real "MIRACOLO" ...but I sure there must be a logical explanation..

The engine started when I was turning the key ...(not pushing the big red)

I was chating in the starting line with an official...and when he told me to go by inadvertance I turned the key and the miracolo heppened the engine started ...I was so surprised that I tried again ....It worked again ...????

I was worried thinking that maybe the "Bendix" is remaining on ...but no that was not the case ...

It made it again 2 weeks later when I tried ...but not anymore....



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thats really odd - according to the wiring diagram the "start" position on the key shouldn't even be wired!

Maybe the big red button is a bit faulty and was "on" so when you turned the key it started?

No idea but be interesting to see if there is any wires connected there...

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