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OK, having never owned a roofless, heaterless and windscreenless ( :lol: ) car before I'm a bit unsure how togged up you need to be to go out for a drive. I do run roofless in my Elise 99% of the time but there are obviously a few more creature comforts in there for the journey.

Is the cabin pretty snug or do you need to dress as if you were on a motorbike all the time ? Do you need waterproof bottoms if it's raining or does the rain blow over the top of the car ? Is a heated jacket advisable ? Gloves ? You get the idea.

Comments would be appreciated. Although I'm fairly committed to ordering a 2-Eleven I still have a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I'd seldom use it due to the lack of heater and windscreen and wouldn't want to buy one to find I had made an expensive mistake.

Those who live in very warm and very sunny places need not reply :lol:

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Wouldn't describe the cabin as snug at all - it does get wet in there (rain comes over aeroscreen, hits driver/seat and drops in.

You do need to dress appropriately (motorcycle level is a good start) - I wear a crash helmet if I am expecting to exceed 50 mph.

Rest assured that whilst not the most cossetting of environments, the huge grim factor of driving the car will soon overcome any minor discomforts.

Worth noting that on warm days, you may find the heat wash from the radiators a little unwelcome - the best way to reduce this is to go faster!

Some form of eye protection is essential - you wouldn't believe the amount of debris laying around waiting to hit you in the face


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Agree with Del, think of the car as a 4 wheel motorbike and dress accordingly.

It can get cold and wet in there which is why a number of people SORN their cars over the winter months.


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A pair of Wiley X glasses, a warm beanie and some ear plugs and your away. I drove all the way down to the ring without a helmet and it was fine. It didn't rain though. I always have the helmet incase it starts to rain.


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I am driving down to London next week (500 miles)

I will be putting on as much clothes as I can and wearing my helmet. :lol:

One of the best things I have bought for the cold is this

I do carry waterproofs just in case it rains.


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When I drove my car back from the dealer, temps varied between +4 and -5, and included rain and fog... As per swiss regs, I was wearing aviation leather helmet (surprisingly warm) goggles, a thingy like the wind-stopper (similar to Scotty C) a down anorak, jeans and normal shoes.

I was also using the visor/windscreen thing used by Scotty C.

Conclusion, feet did start to get cold (need warmer socks) legs basically ok, top part no problem at all, snug and warm, oh and when it got really cold I put some gloves on, but most of the time not needed. Rain was not a problem as long as you keep speed over 80km/h... but the must have is the small visor/windscreen thingy which really cuts down turbulence.

Go for it cool.gif

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