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Seat adjustment

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The regular leather seats on my 2-11 have a clearance between seat and the floor-panel of about 1,5 - 2cm. Because of my tall body size, I'd like to set the seats a little lower. Does somebody have a idea how this could work?

Best Regards

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You are not the first person to make that observation, especially if you are one of the bigger drivers (like I am) of the 2-Eleven. When I took delivery of mine last year besides finding the Ricaro seat a bit snug and upright, my helmet was at the same level as was the top of the roll bar. This seating position also precluded a good view of the instrument binnacle. Nick Adams response was that there was a seat in the works within Lotus to fix that issue and that the Ricaro seat was used as an FIM compliant seat that addressed Lotus immediate needs. Consequently, I did not "fiddle" with the seat mounting and waited for the new seat to be released. I've since purchased two pre-production prototypes of the new "Exige 260" seats when they were made available from Lotus Sport. The new seats will fit up to the standard Elise/Exige seat rails but they give limited adjustment and/or placement for what you are looking for in the seat.

My car has been at the dealer since the Detroit Auto show. One of the many things they've done to it was to install the new "260" driver's seat on a custom mount. According to Lotus, any FIM fixed seat mount would work. Rather than take the chance of ordering seat mounts from an accessory house that required custom fitment to the car, we made custom seat mounts that fit the exact seat and floor mounting holes.

I have yet to sit in the car but apparantly this does the trick. After talking with me, the seat position was placed in the car (on the floor with a slight rake rearwards) using a person at the dealersip similar in size to me. According to him, the seat remains snug to the body but provides considerably more distance below the roll bar and a helmet and the instraments are now much easier to see (but not necessarily readable!).

I think all new 2-Elevens will eventually have these seats installed. Depending on your location, you may be able to order a seat directly through Lotus Sport or be forced to go through a dealer or distributor. I hope this helps.


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Thank you Bill. I think, I already have the new seats (the car is just one month old - purchased in England). The seats itself look really low, it's just the little space under the seat to the floor, which I would like to close.

I'm about 6'4" and I can see the instruments clearly. My helmet ends exactly under the rollbar, which isn't that bad. But to increase safety it's better to sit as low as possible (also because of the this support tubes of the rollbar). Moreover I'd like to drive with ski goggles and a half helmet as well, so it would be good when the wind hits my face up of my mouth.

Actually I don't really now jet, how exactly the wind flows in, I only drove the 2-11 in on and off a trailer until now. The car get's the the SVA for Germany right now, so end of next week is the lucky day :-).

Does the wind stream exactly horizontal over the wind screen, or on what height the wind presure strarts roughly?

....I'll see next week...I also can send you a picture of my seats...

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You may or may not have the new FIA Carbon Fibre Hans approved seats. The new seats were to be first put in the Exige 260 cars. And because of production constraints, initially there were only going to be seats available for those cars. If you have an SVA car, you may only have the standard Elise/Exige derivatives. Your dealer or Nick Adams could have this confirmed. Regardless, it appears that the real crux of the problem may be in the seat mount if you still have that much room under your seat. Even if the new seats are fitted to the standard adjustable Elise/Exige seat track, I doubt that this will produce the lowest possible seat height (especially if some rake is desireable). In that case either a custom seat mount or a fixed FIM seat mount available from some accessory house may be the only answer.

Regarding the "wind stream," you will find as most others have, especially tall drivers, the wind buffets you helmet pretty signifficantly at speed. I'm 6'2" and it buffets me more than does my 23B at speed. I understand the taller Lotus Sport accessory windscreen reduces this as does the RFP or carbon fibre tonneau cover, also available from Lotus Sport.

Good luck this week with the car. Like all of us have found, you're in for a treat!


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I would say it's virtually certain you have the standard Probax seats at as far as I am aware the new seat sare not available yet. Even if they are I would assume they will be an extra cost option.

Like Bill said they are designed to fit on the standard runners so unless you get the FIA seat mounts or an after market equivalent the seats will be basically at the same height.

I have run the car with both the tonneau and the taller screen and whilst they are an improvement it is not a cure, Just accept that it is a character of the car and enjoy it for what it is.


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With 193cm some little changes in seat adjustment could be good. So the 25mm taller screen could also be a good option for me. Paul, you wrote, that you drove the taller screen as well. What are these 25mm worth? And how tall are you, Paul?

(Because of the seats: I'm pretty sure that I have the standard seats, full covered with leather.)

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I've just had a pair of CF seats fitted with fixed Aluminium runners & have mounted the seats perfectly where I want them & much, much lower. The runners fitted perfectly into the standard seat anchor locations & it has also saved over 19kgs in weight too!

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