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First Service, Oilfilter / Oil / Change oil in cooler


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Which oil filter is needed to keep warranty - a original Toyota?

Where can i buy the filter for the accusump - is there a online dealer somewhere in Europe ?!

Oil: Lotus recommends Havoline 5W-40 full synthetic, it seems everybody use a 10W-60 - what's right?

How to change oil in the oil cooler?

Many Thanks...

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the oil filter is a standard toyota part - not even a Toyta Racing Division unit.

I don't think the accusump has it's own filter - it's mounted downstream of the main filter so I don't see the need.

10W60 is a pretty thick oil - only really useful on extended track runs. 10W50 is fine.

"how to change the oil in the cooler" - don't ;)

Serisouly - Lotus only change this oil if there is suspected debris from an engine failure. Otherwise the service manual states that the amount of oil in the system won't affect things and doesn't need to be changed for routine services.

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Guest Jack

From my Cup car parts list and from the dealer -- they got me the following for the accusump (and it's the same model as in my 2Eleven): ALS3E6016F FILTER, OIL, IN LINE, 120 MICRON -- photos below of a new and used in-line filter. It would appear to be a filter that's easy to clean (rather then replace) as it is just a wire screen/mesh filter .... note that the used one has a broken screen, never figured out how that happened. ;)

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As for the oil filter, we all recognize that Lotus doesn't make the part, however, there are several different varieties of Toyota oil filters with different part numbers that are all adaptable to the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine. The big difference is in the pressure relief valve at the bottom of the filter. I'm at LOG (but Nick Isn't!) and don't have all of the numbers but I think my Elise, Exige S and 2-Eleven all came with (slightly if not in part number only) different oil filters by Toyota. While the 2-Eleven was at the dealer for some other servicing, I sent him some of the specified oil for the engine and a Toyota filter which I assumed to be the correct part. He called me and told me that the Service Rep for Lotus USA cautioned him against using anything but an OEM Lotus oil filter ($14.95!). Upon inspection, it was different than the filter I had given him and the latest filters that I had ordered for the Exige S. At this point, we need to have someone clarify what the Toyota oil filter part number is that came from the factory on a 2-Eleven prior to any oil change and filter being performed. The OEM from Lotus USA is white and has no Toyota markings on it. I worked for Honda when the first Civic was released. They had a lot of problems with non-OEM filters being blown from their mount becaue of a faulty, or no, pressure relief valve in the replacement filter.


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I'll make a pic of the original oil filter.

What parts (1,2,3) are on the following pic and where is the oil going (a,b,c). Does the Oil of the accusump flow in and out on the same tube?

Thanks for help understanding my car ;) !

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The accusump is like a capacitor on an electrical circuit - yes the oil flows into and out of the accump on the same pipe.

If the pressure in the oil system is greater than the pressure in the accusump then oil will flow into the accusump until the pressure is equalised. Likewise, if the pressure in the oil system falls then the accsump will send oil back out into the main oil circuit to help maintain pressure.

One of the parts is a one way valve so any oil pressure generated by the accusump is forced the right way. I'll dig out the parts manual.

The added advantage is that when the ignition is switched off there is an electrically operated valve right on the end of the accusump that closes to maintain high oil pressure in the accsump. When the ignition is activated the valve opens and the accsump releases it's pressureised oil into the oil system which finds its way into the engine before it's even cranked.

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