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I've noticed hairline Cracks on both wings...

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I've only been on track 3 times & I've not had any spins in gravel or accidents, but I've noticed that the tops of both of my front wings have multiple hairline cracks which has broken through the paintwork. One side has an area the size of a CD, whilst the other is the size of a 50p piece. It's obvious that it is from bits thrown up from the wheels. Surely we don't have to put up with this? Why didn't they put in front wheel arch liners or protection? It's a track day car & they've put protection in other areas.

Has anyone else had this damage...The car has only been driven for 1100 miles. Is this something that you think Lotus may sort out?


P.S. The Rear Exhaust box came off completely on my first track day. I'm having problems with my battery dying all the time & now the cracks...Is this typical of a Lotus?

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Lotus addressed this in the following TSB ....

SERVICE BULLETIN ........Date: 08.02.08

Model: 2-Eleven : 2008/06

TITLE: Advice regarding paint protection.

REASON: Precautionary advice to reduce potential front wheelarch paint damage caused by tyre flung de-


ACTION: Conceived as a minimalist, lightweight, race oriented track car, the Lotus 2-Eleven is not encumbered

with front wheelarch liners. For other usage profiles and customer priorities, it may be expedient

to treat the inside of the front clamshell in the wheelarch areas with a rubberised protective coat-

ing such as 3M's Body Schutz. This will help to reduce impact damage to the lightweight body

moulding from stones and gravel picked up by the front tyres.

Note that the 2-Eleven carries no warranty on body or paintwork.

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I'm having problems with my battery dying all the time ...

Are you turning off the battery isolator (the one by the left hand roll bar strut) at the end of the day? The race style battery has quite low capacity and will only power the car for a few days without charge. My car went unused for about 8 weeks whilst I was away in Australia without any problems with the isolator turned off.

Saving up for a sequential gearbox
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