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traction control kaput?

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I've always wondered whether my TC ever worked! Since a month or so into ownership the orange instrument light never came on, either when you would epect TC to be interevening or when the TC is set to off.

Yesterday at a torrential Silverstone, the fact that I could get the car sideways under power without any hint of intervention had me wondering. I further tested by wheelspinning the car on the wet painted floor in the pit garage. Wheels just span away with no intervention.

So, tested from a standstill, and moving on wet bends with no engine retardation at all.

I'm not mad am I, my TC is broken?


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My gut feel is that the ECU is wrong.

Assuming no OBD codes being set indicating a TC fault then might be worth having a look to see what the ECU number is as the traction control is in software.

The light on the dash is controlled by the ECU.

Does the light come on at all during the initial light test?

It definately doesn't work when the front wheels aren't turning.

Other than that it'd be worth checking the cable from the switch to the ECU but it should default to "full on" when switching on.

Oh - test it for setting the launch control. If you follow that setting procedure then the rotary knob should control the RPM needle to set your launch revs. I'm betting that the car doesn't enter launch control setting mode.

I'm sure there's a thing on the Exige version of the TC where if it detects a fault with the switch it turns off the TC but I would expect the dash light to be on. I think later version of the ECU changed this so it would stay on as people were disconnecting the switch to permenantly switch off the TC.

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Hi, from what you are saying it doesn't sound right, the warning lamp on the instrument pack should light up when you turn the TC off and you say it isn't. Are you sure you are turning the TC off? To do so press and hold the button until the central LED lights up and make sure the variable control knob is set all the way clockwise. The lamp on the IP should then be on, if it is; great, if it ain't; something's adrift somewhere. If it isn't working your dealer will be able to sort it easily enough with the diagnostic tool.

The TC will not work until 6mph as has been said already. Even in the maximum setting the car will oversteer slightly when pushed hard enough, and don't forget this is not a stability control system so oversteer as a result of lifting off the throttle will still happen....

Let us know what the outcome is!


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