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Cooler for gearbox..

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IIRC the C60/C66 gearboxes don't have any take offs fitted as standard for fitting a cooler.

The only person I know who has done anything like this is Ronin with the MR2 Turbo 5 speed gearbox but I don't see this as an easy fix.

One good option is to replace the gearbox oil with a better type - can't remember the exact reccommended oil but Redline rings a bell.

Not sure what the GT4 does as I'd be surprised if it didn't have any extra cooling on the gearbox given that it's run in some endurance races.

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Dont have time this week, but will see where my dealer is on this, idea was pump controlled by temp, which when opened would cool gearbox oil with a laminova type cooler. Somebody else did make a rad facing down from gearbox, but dealer mechanic says this not ideal due to potential damage by stuff flying up from ground.

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Ahh... interesting - there was a pic of a 211 engine setup at Hethel and it was noticed that there were two lamina water coolers fitted to the coolant out pipe. Suggests that one could be for the engine oil and the other for the gearbox oil.

The big problem is there is (as far as I can tell) no take off for fitting.

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Adding a cooler to the C60/64 gearbox is a waste of time and money, failures are due to weak under sized gears not over heating.......

Here's a quote from I've been runing this gearbox for 5,000 mi. now tryin to beat it up with 400 ft tq. and it can take much more..


**MWR E153 Conversion

*450-1000hp/300-675 ft-lb


*Available February 2010

You guys know about this monster of a transmission from the 91-95 MR2 Turbo. This is the one we get questions on all the time and that we've been working on for a while. We set out from the beginning to make this kit superior to all other C60 and E153 solutions out there and I think we've accomplished that goal:

- includes everything you need for the conversion: Transmission, adapter plates, mounts, shifter cable bracket, axles and flywheel. No welding!

- We can supply the transmission used or brand new, with your choice of two different final drive ratios, and with or without an LSD (viscous, helical and clutch available.)

- The standard kit's axles will be rated for 450hp. For those who want to go higher we will supply some MONSTROUS axles with custom hubs that will take whatever you want to throw at them.

- MWR's conversion kit uses the much larger and far superior E153 clutch (sold separately.) That means superior torque capacity with excellent drivability. There will of course be an option for a twin plate clutch.

- Currently available E153 close ratio and dog gear sets can be installed in the transmission for extreme applications.

The power and torque ratings are only approximate. If you're near the limit and you go to the track every weekend, dumping your twin plate clutch over and over with sticky tires you may want to go with the next option up.

Please don't grill us for more info right now- I've shared all I can. I'm working hard 7 days a week to get these parts tested and on the shelf. I'll make sure to post updates as they're available.

We're very excited about the new possibilities this opens up for the 2010 racing season!


Matt @ Monkeywrench

I think it's fast enough…maybe

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it will be top of my list. I had problems keeping up with Micheal in a couple of races this year, he was running the c/r internals from Japan. Loads more pull out the corners (I think he also had 270 BHP?)

I started off with normal diff then fitted a plated LSD, it was good and changed the way the car handled. I hit the armco at the ring (fluid on the track) and banged the wheel that pushed the driveshaft into the diff and fooked it. I bought a recon gearbox that came with a standard diff and ran that until i had to change the box before Brands a few weeks ago. Lotus did me a very good deal on a second hand torsion LSD diff when it was in for a rebuilt. I havn't driven the car in the dry with it yet so I have no idea what its like.

Scotty C

Here for a good time, not a long time

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I don't believe that Lotus are progressing an uprated option for the C64 box..........this is my understanding based on a few meetins this week with various people. I'm looking at putting an Exige Cup 260 into Britcar at at least one probably two Lotus variants into the Britcar 24 hour race. Top of the list of issues is gearbox durability, it will not last.

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Do the regs allow you to run the sadev sequential unit? If so then I'd consider that a no brainer as that unit should be more than up to the task of handling 180lb/ft

I believe it also has take off's for additional cooling and will be faster as a bonus :animier:

Failing that if you have to stick with the C64 case it might be worth binning the synchros and getting some dog engagement gears as I believe the problems with the c64 are mainly around the engagement mech being a bit weak? (could be wrong though).

I guess for track work close ratios would be better - the only place I've ever had to use 6th is silverstone with most places only needing 3rd and 4th with occasional 5th.Be interesting to see how the ratios are affected as it would be better if 1st and 2nd were left untouched with the reamining 4 gears squeezed.

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