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HID's Lights

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I'm just working fitting a Hid kit that I got recommended by on Selec

I've not finished it completely but have hooked up one light...

Wow! The difference is simply amazing and you just don't realise how much better HiD lights are.

An added bonus - the ballasts have a mounting bracket pre drilled with some holes... Two of which are a *perfect* match for the bolts used to mount the oil coolers in the front arches. I need to have a decent look with the wheel off but given the 211 doesn't have any arch protectors you are limited for options. On face value these look ideal as they are quite out of the way and protected without requiring any modification. The bolts are more than long enough for the bracke to go on. the ballasts are metal and sealed so water shouldn't be a problem.

Will dig out some pics to see what the collective thinks :)

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Or maybe it's cause the feckers in offroads might actually see me in their mirrors before pulling out ;-)

More just that I'm a bit bored... been on the phone to LSP since the eBrochure come out and I need to find something to do with my time else my wallet will go into hiding.

The carbon bits are almost reasonable. :)

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Must remember to pull out in front of you next time I am driving the Landy :)

And if you think those carbon bits are almost reasonable, you have way too much money :)

Believe it or not Del I agree with you for once!

How you keeping anyway. Haven't heard from you for a while, Thought you had done a keith Floyd on us.


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Hiya Paul

Spending lots of time outside the country at the moment (mostly work related) visiting desolate business parks throughout Europe (Oslo, Valencia, Cadiz, Toulouse, Noordvijk, Fucino, Seville, Copenhagen, Offenpfaffendorf....) - at least it is good for the air miles!

Ads - is that the carbon fibre track cupboard or just a plain wooden road legal one in your garage :)

Saving up for a sequential gearbox
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