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Thinking of saving some weight in my Exige S. Could someone tell me what battery Lotus fit as standard to the 2 Eleven?

Also how is it to live with?...cold start, few weeks in garage not being used etc.


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It's a race battery. Beauty of the 2-11 is you can switch all electrical circuits off by removing the kill switch, so nothing can drain it. If you have an alarm or tracker installed you might find it wouldn't last the distance for you.

In terms of which one I don't have a manual to hand, but I'm sure someone else will be along soon.

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It's an Oddessy Glass mat type unit IIRC.

Agree with Jo - It's a stunning battery. Over winter left ldle for weeks (if not months) with the kill switch activated and it fired up first time every time. I've never had to trickle charge it.

However when not in use you'll need to disconnect it - it's standby time is quite low.

As an aside, my company have developed a tracker thats completly self contained that doesn't connect to the vehicles electrics and lasts apprx 5 years. We're in final beta testing and going through insurance validation (no problems yet) so if anybody wants to be a tester let me know :)

It's about 1 to 1.5 kilos and about 15cm x 6cm x 6cm and woks fine through fiberglass.

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