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Do you need intercooling if you are only running 6psi max boost? 1) What will the higher torque you would get from cooling the charge do to the Citroen gearbox? 2) Will the extended inlet lengths

Hi Wayne, The cooling on the car has been fine, but the ears have only just been done, the car on the move the temprature is spot on, a few months ago when static in traffic for long

Wayne this is the year 2010 not he sixties ,get with it do not , fit your car with a motor older than the car!!!! if not restoring it go forward not backward .fuel injection is light years ahead now,look at benslotus79 good example of new tech and an easy upgrade,90 days from rover to caddy swap.

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Not sure if you have seen the lattest posts but i have actually abandoned the Rover engine and am going for a Duratec. Hopefully i should have my new engine shortly

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