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A chance not to be missed!

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Today (01/11/09) the Star Wars club I attend held one of it's toy fairs they sometimes organise, usual thing, loads of trade stands and guests. I was attending as a helper, lots of rushing around and not a moments rest, but I did find time and asked Caroline Munro very nicely if she would pose with my car, and she didn't even mind doing the cheesy ones with the my BB gun. So a quick nip home to collect it and here are some of the results.

Perhaps shouldn't ask a womans age, but she is in her 50's now, but that isn't important, the fact that the sexy baddie woman who shot at the Bond Esprit in 1977 has sat in my car!!! I was really pleased she didn't mind doing it and I said I would send her the results, she also said it was a very nice looking car.

Also while I was there I got my picture with Dave Prowse, Mr Darth Vader himself, and note on the other side of me is Jeremy Bullock - Boba Fett who I did speak to. My R2, although not finished stood near Kenny Baker.


Caroline Munro






Dave Prowse and Kenny Baker



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Good shots Owen.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Brilliant Owen, get them signed and framed. She seems like a fun lady.

Kenny Baker always comes across as down to earth too, which is great considering what he has to put up with in life.

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Where was that then Owen?

I have a Starwars party for my youngest to attend in Birmingham in the next couple of weeks, not sure how she's going to cope though!!!

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Wow! Awesome! Great photos! Looks like she enjoyed posing with your car!

. . . she didn't try to blow it up, did she? :):P

BTW, I'd say the years have been quite good to her. Still is a fox. :(

Edited by Tony K

Tony K. :)


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A bit of info from IMDB, very impressed that she kept to her ground over the years.

Date of Birth

16 January 1950, Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK


5' 7" (1.70 m)

Mini Biography

Leggy, brunette-maned pin-up actress Caroline Munro was born in Windsor and lived in Rottingdean near Brighton where she attended a Catholic Convent School. By chance her mother and a photographer entered her picture in a "Face of the Year" competition for the British newspaper The Evening News and won. This led to modeling chores, her first job being for Vogue Magazine at the age of 17. She moved to London to pursue top modeling jobs and became a major cover girl for fashion and TV ads while there.

Decorative bit parts came her way in such films as Casino Royale (1967) and Where's Jack? (1969). One of her many gorgeous photo ads earned her a screen test and a one-year contract at Paramount where she won the role of Richard Widmark's daughter in the comedy/western A Talent for Loving (1969). She met first husband/actor Judd Hamilton filming this movie but they later divorced. Also in 1969 she became the commercial poster girl for "Lamb's Navy Rum," a gig that lasted ten years. She had no lines as Vincent Price's dead wife in The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) and Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972) which, in turn, led to a Hammer Studios contract and such lowbudget spine-tinglers as Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972) and Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (1974).

More noticeable roles came outside the studio as the slave girl/love interest in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974), the princess in At the Earth's Core (1976) and a lethal Bondian girl in the top-notch The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), one of Roger Moore's best outings in the '007' series. Her voluptuous looks sustained her for a bit longer but the quality of her roles did not improve with higher visibility. By the late 70s she was reduced to such dreck as Starcrash (1978), Maniac (1980), and Slaughter High (1986). After her second marriage to George Dugdale, who wrote and directed the last film mentioned, she settled down and focused on husband and two daughters.


George Dugdale (1990 - present) 2 children

Judd Hamilton (23 March 1970 - 1982) (divorced)


Played reporter in Adam Ant's video "Goody Two Shoes" from 1982.

Turned down an offer to do a Playboy Magazine nude spread. In fact, she refused to do any nude work at all and rejected such movie offers as The World Is Full of Married Men (1979) and Force 10 from Navarone (1978) that asked for it.

Did a Noxzema Shaving Cream commercial on American TV and was also TV's 'Turkish Delight' girl.

The only actress ever to have been signed a contract with Hammer Studios.

At age sixteen she recorded a single, "Tar & Cement" for EMI. Musicians on that record included Ginger Baker of "Cream," Steve Howe of "Yes" and Eric Clapton. She also appeared in two music videos, "Goody Two Shoes" with Adam Ant and "If You Really Want To" with Meatloaf.

Measurements: 36B-25-35 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Turned down the role of Ursa in 'Superman'.

Interviewed in the book "Invasion of the B-Girls" by Jewel Shepard.

She once sang in her church choir. At the age of 16 she recorded some vocals on the single "Tar & Cement" in 1966, for EMI, which featured Eric Clapton, Cream drummer Ginger Baker and future Yes guitarist Steve Howe. The producer needed to add a few over dubs. Caroline got the job because her dad's friend was the head of Decca Records at the time. Caroline has appeared in two music videos, "Goody Two Shoes" with Adam Ant, and "If You Really Want To" with Meat Loaf. In addition, Caroline recorded the single "Pump Me Up" with Gary Numan. Caroline's latest music project is Wilson Munro in which she has teamed up with Gary Wilson to record a three-track CD.

She and blond bombshell and fellow former Hammer pin-up Ingrid Pitt are considered the Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe of horror.

According to Caroline's website interview with ZANI, she wasn't earmarked to appear in the movie Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (1974) originally but her schedule worked out and she did. Kronos was actually supposed to be a serial of films when it first came out in 1974. The movie was not well received, however, and the idea was scrapped. It remains her favorite film.

Mother of two girls named Georgina and Iona.

Personal Quotes

"As I get older, I'm becoming more experienced and more secure about myself and my work. Having not taken the correct route of drama school and the stage, it has been extra hard for me. I felt I didn't have the experience and therefore I was very insecure. Now, however, I feel I have -- in a way -- paid my dues by going back to the beginning and starting again. That's why I have been jumping at so many different projects. I feel I've earned the chance. I feel I can be up there with the other actors. I'm still not completely secure, but I'm much more secure than I used to be." (from a 1988 interview)

"I was frightened of every opportunity I had. Part of me wanted the success and notoriety and part of me didn't. Part of me is a private person, but part of me must be a show-off to be able to be in the limelight. It would be lovely -- in an ideal world -- if I could do the work and then go home and have my private life and be totally anonymous. Unfortunately, it can't be that way."

Edited by ifly

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Nicely done!

"At home, I have a King Sized bed. Now, I don't know any Kings, but I would imagine if one were to come over, he would be comfortable." -Mitch Hedberg

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Nice move, Owen. Ms. Munro looks in a lot better shape than a lot of the Esprits from 1977. She certainly doesn't look over 30 years older than she did in the film.

Pardon my ignorance but why was she there?

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