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Ignition pos1 on radio dead!?!?

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Hi there, i am new to the lotus scene and i have a 98 Gt3 with the radio that does not work. I am a qualified auto electrician, but have never worked on a lotus.

THe yellow and green wire which is the ignition live that tells the radio to turn on, is dead. Does anyone here know where this is fused, or where it may join another connector block, or whether it is straight off the ignition??

Hopefully it's just a fuse, i have tested the fuses in the front RHD side fuse box, they all seem ok (this is a RHD drive car BTW), are there any other fuses that i can check??

hope someone can help


thanks in advance


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It could be:

* Fuse A19. It powers the radio via the purple wire in the harness. But is also powers the...

* Radio key in relay. It supplies one contact (30), your yellow and green wire comes off the other contact (87).

* One of the coil contacts in the relay (85) runs via a black wire to a big earth splice.

* The other coil contact in the relay (86) runs via a light green and white wire to the ignition switch (terminal KA) which should go live when you stick the key in.

Now the fun really begins. The service notes disagree with the owners manual over which relay in the front relay station is the 'radio key-in' one. Looking from the front of the car with the bar dividing the relays, the owners manual says it should be the first one on the right but the service notes says it should be the fourth last on the left :)

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Well, i had a good look and that relay in the handbook was the right one.

the relay was working and it had a good power supply at terminal 30.

However, the switching wire (85) was dead when the ignition was turned on, this green and white wire goes directly to the ignition switch, i checked the first set of connections and all was ok, i presumed that the igniton switch was faulty internally, but didn't have enough time to remove it(two little grub screws).

For the time being i moved the green and white wire onto another connector that is live at pos2, the radio popped into life and will stay like that until i get a new ignition switch. has anyone ever bought one of these???

thanks for all your help

cheers ali

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