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engine restorer

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Hi there,

Has anyone heard of a product called Restore, by a company called Ametech

It is an engine restore product added to the oil containing micro particles designed to fill and seal cylinder walls such as scratches etc resulting in improved compression, fuel economy, BHP and generally smoother running of the engine.

This company states big claims as to its ability and i'm just wondering whether anyone has used this product and whether they have had any improved results (or adverse ones)



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I wouldn't use it.

If it was as good as they say, why dont manufacturers recommend it, or oil companies include it in their products.

I cannot see how anything with particles of metal in it can be any good for an engine?

The oil filter is there to removes such items, I can only imagine it wll be caught up in it.


It's getting there......

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anyone seen the movie "who killed the electric car ". In this you will not only see how powerful the manufacturers are ,but how powerful the oil companies oppossed anything that did not use oil!

Always good to look at products laterally .


Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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I was actually wondering about Restore too. I even bought a can, but haven't used it.

The scuttlebutt around the internet seems to be that it really actually does work as advertised, with a possible drawback being that the micro-particles may begin to clog some hoses or choke points on certain engines. Not for all of them though, apparently. In fact, the only negative story I found was posted to a chevy forum from a guy with an LS1 motor (I think)... but his problems disappeared after he changed his oil again. I haven't seen any info about this stuff specifically relating to Lotus (or anything exotic), which is part of the reason I haven't actually tried it.

Really, from what I've read it sounds like its being used mostly on very high mileage motors, usually that have some fairly significant issues with compression, oil burning or smoking. If you don't have a compression issue, then I don't think it would make any kind of difference either way (as its really just designed as a sealant). If you suspect something like that though, I'd say give it a shot and let us know how it works out for you. I'm very curious about it myself.

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I know of someone who had rebuilt a rover v8 and after running the engine in he found the engine to be sluggish. He actually put a can of restore into the engine and it completely transformed the engine for him. He may not have checked compression on the cylinders etc when completing the rebuild and therefore restore worked.

I have a friend who posted a similar question on a bmw forum but did not get any responses. I'm guessing its not overly popular in britain compared to maybe the us market.


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