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Speedo cable connection


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So I've been driving around a bit now, and I knew my speedometer has been off. I had my wife follow me on the highway (in two different cars), and what I've found is that when my speedo reads exactly 70 MPH, I'm actually going about 53-55 MPH. We figure at a roughly 30% error rate, for 100 miles I drive, the speedo is registering 150 or so. From the work record logs, it looks like this problem started around 18K miles on the car. The last owner had it listed as an item to address by the mechanic, but on the work receipt there was no mention of it being fixed or charged for, and it's still way off. Now with the car at 24.5K miles, I believe the car has really only gone about 21-22K true miles. I know this isn't a huge difference, but here's my dilemma...

I want the mileage of the car to match as closely to the true mileage as possible. First, my idea was to disconnect the cable for the next 6-12 months, or until I've driven another two thousand miles, reconnect it, and then have it fixed to read an accurate speed. If I do this, what will I have to do, and how hard will it be to do? I've seen a diagram from a posting here on how the cable is connected to the gearbox, but I don't know how to get to it, or how do remove it without causing any problems. Any input?

Second, do think that what I want to do is wrong morally (although probably illegal here, but I'll look into that)? And if you do, what do you suggest otherwise? I know a lot of people freak out if they think it's been tampered with, but keep in mind, I'm not selling my car, and I plan to own it until I die.

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The other option would be to send the speedo off to somebody like these to get it reconditioned and re calibrated.

While the speedo is out of the car you could "recover" the miles you've lost if your concience ( and your regard for local law) allow. Given your GPS will give you speed, all you would have to worry about would be the big empty hole in the dash and maybe some strange whirring sounds from the speedo cable.

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