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I really want one of these...

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Feeling a bit under the weather today so I decided to try and cheer myself up and go virtual shopping...

This is what I bought :

They're quite expensive (pulling up in one is hilarious) but bloody good fun.

I have this rather odd desire to go charging around with one dressed up as Tommies with a hunting horn.

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Always loved the Airfix models of those as a kid. It really is a fast little blighter for its size and build.

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Its very hard to come by any of the Ford, Lloyd,or Windsor carriers for anthing near decent money. Personally i would go for something like this......

This is my Daimler Ferret................









Powered by a 4.2 Rolls Royce engine. It can do 65mph forward and reverse. Only managed 45mph in reverse so far before my nerve gave out. This one was one of 25 ex BOAR rescued from a belgium dealers yard. still used today by the Jordainian Defence Force.

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Ahh Jonathan you certainly have brought back memories of being in boggy fields and training with the old bren....

I went to the Royal Hospital School in the 80's and was in the guard (Naval Boading School) the Bren, 303 and SA80's fantastic.

The bren is f

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you can get anything you want, as long as there is no '*demilitarization*-required' badge on it. As new laws make it nearly impossible to get one of the 'build-down' Leopard & Marder tanks. How would it be with a non armored military truck instead ?

The KAT-1 trucks are good to use for anything !! And as far as I know it is legal to drive those in GB too ..!?

other interesting alternative:

..If someone wants to run in an Russian-tank, just come over here and visit the *Mark Brandenburg* in Germany.

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