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Anyone built a sports exhaust?

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Jim, thanks for the positive comment, Derek good to see you on saturday blue s4 looks nice and good tp know that another one is close,as i said anything i can give you a hand with let me know, i will give you a ring when i get around to fitting it in a week or two, Joathan its not the size that counts

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Hi All

I have just fitted this system to my car, I supplied the materials and a workmate fabricated it. We modelled it off a photo we downloaded from the net. The pipe is 2-1/2" 304 stainless, the muffler is also 304 and is 5" diameter and 400mm long with fabricated neck rings for the ends so we could butt weld the inlet pipe and exit flange. It turned out really well as it was all very much experimental. It has a nice deep throaty sound that everyone comments on so we must have guessed the design right! (I was worried it might turn out excessively loud with the small muffler) The car is an '88 carb turbo (no cat).







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Looks very nice. What have you done internally to help with even distribution of gases left and right at the junction? Mine's a very similar pattern (without the silencer) and it favours the right hand exit by about 70/30.

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Thanks Bibs, no special design! we just cut and welded the two 90 deg long radius elbows together. We were also worried about the distribution as well but it has turned out remarkably well, when you put your hand against each outlet pipe at idle you can hardly tell the difference, and visually following the car there is no difference. Not sure how this worked out like this! does yours use long or short radius elbows at the distribution point? After fabrication we thought short radius bends would probably have been a better choice because of the restricted room under the car, but in the end it fitted with no problems.

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Hi y'all

I just updated my website :

I redid the complete system from turbo downwards...

-relocated the test port for instllation of a wideband lambda

- 200 cell race cat

- electronic bypass valve for straight exit left

- high volume silencer giving about 93 db for inner city driving. sounds verry sporty without being to loud

- nicely cut endpipes, following the flow of the bumper

- all in 76mm high quality stainless steel

- no bottleneck pipebending, all fine-welded.

cheers :-)

Olaf S400 project



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