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the thing that you remove to add fuel? I'm referring to the part you unlock with a key, twist, and take off. Here's why I ask such a silly question -

In my county, I have to pass annual emissions testing. Part of the test is checking this piece I'm asking about for its quality of sealing. On both mine, the gaskets are dry rotten, so they failed. Now that I'm out looking for them, I just can find any in the catalogs. Here in the states, we call them 'gas caps'. That search found nothing. I also tried 'fuel cap', 'fuel filler', 'petrol cap', and 'fuel lock'. What else could I possible call them?? I've left messages with Lotus Garage, SJ, and JAE, so maybe I'll find my answer and the pieces soon.

Which brings me to my second question. How do you replace the gasket? Unless new ones stretch, I don't see how you get it over the locking tabs without tearing apart the gas cap.


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From my S3 parts guide it's called a filler cap assembly, part number B076L0167J but it appears to come as a complete unit and the diagram does not show you can order a separate gasket for the filler cap only a gasket to go between the filler neck and the body.

I've been having mine resprayed recently and from the photos the people who did the work sent me, they removed the locking mechanism to paint the filler caps so I'd guess there must be a couple of small bolts to remove to separate it and then you can go about refabricating and replacing the gasket

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You are probably going to have to make one or match it up to something else. You might check out Moss Motors website and look at the online pictures of Triumph, MG, etc and see if you can find something similar. If you call Moss you might have one of their "techs" match up something close with dimensions you give them.

Making it just requires you to cut and glue it in place. Done correctly it will look and work factory fresh. Material can be had a good parts houses or bearing supply companies.



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hi Adam

i have stripped the cap down - there are a few "philips "screws on the inside ( take fuel cap off ) .

once unscrewed the locking unit comes apart.I think that if you go to the local rubber retailers they could sell you a square of rubber ,take a template and make it yourself.

if not ,the scirocco ( vw ) took the same cap (i think) maybe you can get the rubber there.


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You could probably use sheet can get thin cork tiles from DIY shops and then cut out a gasket. I've used this dodge on the Turbo plenum chamber and other parts before now.

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Posting this for anyone who may need these gas cap rubber seals in the future, but I found that PNM Engineering, SJS, and JAE all have them. This time around, PNM had the best price after getting them shipped to the US, so I have a new pair on the way. Thanks Pete!

Also, as Richard mentioned, just a few screws off the inside of the cap, and it's a two minute job to switch out the seals.


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Been meaning to post this for awhile, but this is what you see after taking the phillips head screws out, if you have to replace the seal. Move the locking slider, and the seal comes right off.



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