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I know nothing about Exiges but generally I would have thought best first move would be to bridge the connections across the fan itself to check if the fan motor is working. If it is then you can investigate the wiring in more depth. If not then its a new motor.

I'm assuming you're talking about the radiator fan? I have no idea how it's triggered, but there must be a coolant temp sensor somewhere. If you can find it check the wiring connectors there too.




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Remember the fans won't come on until you reach 207*f......You can switch on your AC to see if they are working if not check fuses 14 and 19 under front access panel..

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I think it's fast enough…maybe

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First thing....find the temperature sensor. Then bridge between the two connections to it..should operate the relay and thus the fans; probably needs the ignition to be "ON". Connecting across the fan itself won't help, as that simply short circuits the fan motor...not going to work like that. If nothing happens with a connection across the sensor, check and see if the relay is operating. After that, check systematically with a test meter set to measure DC Volts and see if you have power to the sensor and the relay..then check to the fan motor(s). A good look at the wiring itself may disclose a simple connector come apart or suchlike...or the fuses as mentioned above.

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If by fan you are refering to the interior blower.?. No air emminating from the vents in the car. Then the most common cause is the blower resistor. This part has recently been revised by lotus and is relocated in a different place instead of underneath the fan motor, the kit relocates the resitor into the heater matrix unit.

It really is a false economy to fit the early type.. Fit the revised part.thumbsup.gif .

If you are refering to the radiator/a.c fans then they are switched on at 102'c by the ecm. or if you have a.c fitted by switching on the a.c.with the engine running, this will then in turn, turn on your fans at half speed.

Hope this helps.

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