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Compound Charging The Exige

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Hey guys here's the setup I'm now runnin, it's a compound charger setup much like the old Lancia S4 Group B car.... It's a Garrett GT3076 R turbo blowing into a Magnasun MP62 supercharger producing between 17-30 psi.

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I think it's fast enough…maybe

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Ronin, there's plenty of guys on here who won't have seen or heard of your exploits before, so you can't just post up a Youtube clip and not expect a bazzillion questions! biggrin.gif

If you get a moment, write a few lines about this particular project please. You'll get a better reception here than you may have experienced on another forum.

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Too cool for school! Is this all your own work? Looks like a very neat and professional installation.

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Too cool for school! Is this all your own work? Looks like a very neat and professional installation.

Thanks guys all work was done by myself and a buddy Mike Stafford in a shack out in the Mojave desert .....

Here's a little review by Chris Randall, some of you guys might know him....

Driving Ronin’s rockit pig

by hofmanns on Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:31 pm

I’ve been out in Vegas for the last week taking in the West Coast Lotus Meet, the SEMA show, the strip and also got the chance to drive Frank Profera’s (AKA Ronin) monster car, which has been the highlight of the trip.

Frank seems to think that, for some reason, there are people who doubt that his car works with all it’s compound charger trickery so I said I would give a little insight into my time behind the wheel.

Like him or loathe him, Frank has a great ability to bring a challenging project to fruition and his car really is an amazing bit of kit in the flesh. The detail and finish of the car is very high and, although the looks are bound to divide opinion, the quality of the work that has gone into the car is exemplary. Being in the lucky position of driving many fast cars it’s rare that I get excited about the prospect of driving another but this one really did set my pulse racing.

Frank took to the wheel first and quickly showed me how the car could light up the tyres at 70mph but I felt perfectly at ease and sat back and enjoyed the warp speed and sound track. If you like forced induction cars then you will love the scream of a supercharger, the whoosh of a turbocharger and this car has both. It sounds unreal and not in a chavvy way, more of a sci-fi meets terminator meets star ship enterprise way. Basically it sounds REALLY cool.

It didn’t take long for Frank to kindly entrust me with the keys so I jumped in the drivers seat and pulled away and instantly felt at home. There isn’t really anything to fear with the car at normal speeds, the clutch being reasonably light, the gearchange positive and slick and the engine tractable. You can felt the extra inertia of the SC and turbo on the downshifts but it doesn’t take too long to account for that in your driving and the cars generally feels very OEM. Setup wise the car felt terrific, but that’s exactly what I had expected seeing as Frank had fitted a set of my dampers and taken all my advice on geo! Until I got comfortable I was fairly gently with the throttle and at low engine speeds the performance feels very similar to a top spec SC Honda with a linear power delivery. What really does grab your attention is the way that, once you have settled into the car, it will pull all the way to the red line, in every gear, just building and building speed in a way that’s quite unreal. On the big open American roads you don’t get the same perspective of speed that you do in the UK but on glancing down at the speedo after only a few moments of full throttle you will see the needle threatening to jump off the end of the dial. If the car were mine I would travel everywhere at 160+mph as it’s just so easy to reach silly speeds. You can stick it in 5th at 70mph and nail it, there will be a whine as the SC starts turning, followed in very short order by a whoosh as the turbo spools and the car will set off and start building speed. As the revs climb the engine pulls harder and harder and harder until the point where you remember it’s Frank’s toy and not yours and that you really should slow down. At speed the car is stable and comfortable, and I’m sure it would feel that way all the way up to whatever silly speed it would reach which has to be 180+. Luckily for me I got to spend a decent amount of time behind the wheel, taking in some sight seeing a normal speeds and some twisty bits at silly speeds and at all times the car was fantastic. On the road there is nothing to touch it and what impresses most is the breadth of its power delivery, with massive urge from 2000rpm through to 8500rpm and this makes complete sense of the tall gearing.

So, the car gets a resounding thumbs up… I was pained to give back the keys! My thanks go out to Frank for entrusting me with his fantastic toy. I know Frank can be abrupt on the forums but he is a generous and warm person in real life, very entertaining company and very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about cars.


The car started out as oa 05 Elise and then evolved from day one.....

The engine started out N/A as I was told Lotus would offer a SC kit in the coming month..didn't happen and Lotus wouldn't sell me the Exige S bits so I had to make my own SC kit which Sector111now sells as the "Katana" kit..DON'T BUY IT since they ripped me off......

Ok so it soon had a chargcooler with a max output of 310rwhp...

That got boring so a turbo setup was designed for a nice 459rwhp but now the gearbox [3] failed, not from abuse but from torque....

So we came up with a solution by mating the Toyota E153 gearbox from the AllTrac and Turbo MR2 to the 2ZZ engine.....

Wa works great with only one draw back........The gears are too tall for the turbo spool up under 4.200 rpm......

So a smaller turbo is out of the question due to exessive back pressure and heat, so the next best thing is a supercharger/turbo combo much like the Lancia Delta S4 :blink:

We had the setup up and runing in four days, with some tuning I desided to change out the turbins housing to a 1.06 [the largest offered] and the responce is nuts from 2,000-9,000 rpm zero lag.

My ECU has custom tunes, which can be switched on the fly for 91-100 octane fuel....Boost setings from 17-30 psi.

If you guys have any questions ask away........If you don't know me..I can't stand BS so let's stay on topic

Thanks guys

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I think it's fast enough…maybe

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