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Interior Digital clock

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I have a problem with my clock, I'm just installing a new roof cloth (along with the rest of the interior) and wanted to sort the clock out before fitting the trim holding the clock.

The problem is that it won't increase the time, when power is applied (12v, earth, 12v from interior delay relay) the clock lights up and displays 12:00 but will never increase the time. I've tried setting the time thinking that maybe the clock won't increase until the time is set but I can't get the time to change using the pin buttons.

I've attempted to find a new clock but they are no longer available I'm told. Second hand working clocks are hard to get too.

Can any one help me to either get my clock going or to help me get a replacement clock?

The clock I have is made by Britax, if there are different types.

Many thanks in advance


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This is a bit of a long shot... if it lights up then you've obviously got power to it. Inside the clock I'm guessing there is a crystal, a chip and a display. If the chip is knackered then so are you but it could be the crystal. So it might be worth replacing it before you throw it away. There may also be a couple of capacitors connected to the crystal which could also be worth disconnecting (just in case they are short circuit - which is very unlikely).

You could also try going over all the solder joints in case you have a dry joint.

I can't think of much else you can do to it :whistle:


Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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So if you leave it connected to power it doesn't continue to 12.01, 12.02 etc it's stuck at 12.00, right? It may be down to dirty pin switches in the clock. I have no idea if it's possible to get the clock apart to clean the contacts or if it's advisable to spray some Maplins type switch cleaner into the pin switches, but that may be worth a try given where it is at the moment.

However I think I've got a "spare" clock that was working when it was dissconnected, and I'd like to think it's still OK now. It's the smaller recessed type with two pin buttons to adjust the hours and the minutes, like you've described. I'll try and find it in the garage and see if it's still working. If it's OK I'd be happy to sell it on.

Normally Aspirated - and lovin' it!

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Cheers for all the responses, I'll take it apart and have a good look for dry joints and other obvious signs of a problem. And give it a good clean etc.

I didn't realise it was possible to buy a quartz crystal? Would Maplin have them or would I need to go to RS? I'll have a hunt online later tonight. I'd have to say that the crystal could be a likely candidate for the cause of the problem.

Thanks for the offers Choppa and Hilly, I may take you up on the offer Hilly and if that fails and you find your spare Choppa I would be interested.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of the repairs.

Thanks again for the help.

PS My new Carpets arrived yesterday from SJ so re-fitting the interior will be my Christmas Holidays task! My Esprit will be finished then!

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Great news! I took the clock apart and sure enough I found a dry joint on one of the legs of the crystal, I repaired that along with a couple of other joints that looked suspect and my clock is working perfectly again.

I have it re-assembled and ready to go back into the retrimed panel.

I'm now ready to start putting my interior back together again! Pics to follow!

Thanks for all the pointers and offers, I'm very glad it turned out to be a simple fix!



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I dont know if posting on this dated thread  is the best way of doing things but I have problems with my Jaeger clock and you are the expert having repaired a few.


In the car I have never seen the clock work at all. I have taken it out to see what can be done. When I connect constant and earth nothing happens. If I also  connect 12v to the other 2 terminals it fires into life and does keep time. However.... the H and MN rocker switch has no effect so I cant set the time. Also, the bottom segments of the digits dont illuminate.


Given these clocks are rarer than ambergris I want to try and fix it. My question is, how do i get the front panel off so i can get at the internals? 



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F.Y.I. for others hat want to get inside their clock. You need to squeeze the top and bottom together hard and pull the face off.

On the lcd screen, mine seems to have burnt out in the  bottom right corner hence none of the lower segments working.


Anyone got a spare one of these clocks that works?




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I removed the cant rails, then the four screws holding in the top trim with clock in it, and finally had to pop out the trim on the A pillar to get the top trim free. After that i pushed the clock out from the back.

 So next time i will just pull it out from  front without dismantling the interior.


Because my clock was not working in the car im not sure when it comes on and goes off. There are 4 wires. Pwr and Gnd and 2 others. When exactly does the clock come on and go  off?

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