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The 2010 Club Lotus Show & Festival


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Guest mkelite

we went saturday and looking from your pictures it seems attendance was well up for sunday. hopefully its just people getting used to a new location. i think long term it will prob be the best location but perhaps there needs to be some 'new' attractions to improve interest perhaps? regards. DC.

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I thought Sunday was definitely better than the Saturday. The addition of the Classic Car show on the Sunday meant more to look at and there were definitely more Lotus people about than on the Saturday. The location is as previously mentioned is stunning, but I certainly wasn't that impressed with the halls layout, just to disjointed for me anyway. The Malvern hills are huge and I reckon I must have driven up one on the way back to the hotel on one road, I'm sure I could almost see the front of the car at one point it was so steep :angry: .

Thanks to Bib's, Laura and LEC for organising the hotel etc.

Martyn :D

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and thanks to you guys for the company on Saturday night. Even learnt some Bulgarian! Didn't go to the show on Sunday, just drove home for 3 hours top down with a hangover, and got sunburnt as well!


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I really missed the showed this year .. :)

Now I have to sort it out the with the insurance, because I was lille late to cancel the hotel and now they charged £140 ! :veryangry:

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Thanks to Laura & Bibs for inviting me to display the Orange lady once more, as always a great honour to represent the Forum.

As for the show, I love the location and the added classic show made it more interesting. Some work needs to be done on layout as we and the LDC were in a marquee between two others and many people didn't know where we were. also it would have been nice if the Lotus car park had been separated out into model area's.

Below are some of my fav pics from the weekend.




















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Well, theres so many of the show guess I better post up some of the night before!

M5 following Cliff, obviously taken by my passenger! Speed doesn't show in these photo's. Yes we were doing 70!


5pm and Bibbo's already downed 5 or 6.....showing he can still count to two!


Joined by Graham, Louise and Jeffin Jeff! (Who was on fine form!)


Moved inside and carried on drinking...who needs food!


Cliff just before he decided to fall asleep...or was he just very very drunk?


Ahah! Food at last (well, for those with fish medley food in the broadest sense) and joined by Walt from Belgium.....he looks disapproving of our drunken antics his lovely wife thought we were all insane!


Ahah! The bill, .....Thats Dave Eds opposite Jeff, our one LEC representative


My one Car picture. Thats my car at the back on the far right. Meh........


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